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Practical Critical Thinking CLEARANCE ISBN-13: 9781601446640

Learn Important Critical Thinking Skills For High School

Build important cognitive skills for critical thinking—Comprehension, Analysis, Evaluation, Construction, Creativity, and Communication.

Practical Critical Thinking Student

Practical Critical Thinking Student.

Practical Critical Thinking Student

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Practical Critical Thinking Student Text

By Catherine Connors-Nelson, Publisher: The Critical Thinking Company

ISBN-13: 9781601446640

The Practical Critical Thinking explores topics such as:

  • Basics of Critical Thinking
  • Obstacles to Critical Thinking
  • Evaluating Evidence
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Ambiguity, Vagueness, and Doublespeak
  • Arguments
  • Informal Fallacies
  • Advertising
  • Eyewitness Testimony, Direct and Circumstantial Evidence

Features of Practical Critical Thinking for Grades 9-12+

  • Reinforce student learning with more individual and group activities.
  • Explore critical thinking topics through fun and concrete activities.
  • Reproducible for home or single classroom use
  • Allows up to 35 copies per school year
  • Paperback with 376 pages
  • Four units have two “chapters” each
  • Each chapter has 7-11 lessons.
  • Lessons include some teaching/explanation and some activities.
  • Most of the photos and illustrations are in full color.

Note this book is a clearance item. The TE is no longer available from us, but it has the answers and activities.

Grades 9-12+

List $39.99


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