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Horizons Math Kindergarten to Algebra 1

A Christian-based Math Curriculum by Alpha Omega Publications

Looking for a fast-paced, spiral-based math course? Try Horizons Math! Every set has the consumable student workbooks and the teacher guide that you will need for one year of math. It is available for kindergarten through algebra 1. [Features]

Horizons Math: Kindergarten to Algebra 1

Horizons Kindergarten Homeschool Math Kit 9780740303135.

Horizons Math K

Horizons 1st Grade Homeschool Math Kit 9780867179545.

Horizons Math 1

Horizons 2nd Grade Homeschool Math Curriculum 9780867179682.

Horizons Math 2

Horizons Math 3 Homeschool Kit 9780867179620.

Horizons Math 3

Horizons Math 4 Homeschool Kit 9780867178432.

Horizons Math 4

Horizons Math 5 Homeschool Kit 9781580959001.

Horizons Math 5

Horizons Math 6 Homeschool Kit 9780740300134.

Horizons Math 6

Horizons Pre-Algebra Homeschool Kit 9780740322426.

Horizons Pre-Algebra
Grades 7 or 8

Horizons Algebra 1 Homeschool Kit 9780740325526.

Horizons Algebra 1
Grades 8 or 9

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Features of Horizons Math Kindergarten to Algebra 1

  • Systematic practice with a variety of problems.
  • Provides analytical reasoning, hands-on learning, memorization, and drill.
  • Full-color illustrations help your student understand abstract concepts.
  • Each lesson starts with a new concept or more about an older concept.
  • Gradual development of every math concept.
  • Continual reviews to ensure mastery.
  • Consistent format throughout the series.
  • Horizons Math uses a spiral learning approach.
  • If you use it with more than one child, you can purchase extra workbooks since they are consumable!
  • If you’re new to this program, there is a placement test and a scope and sequence:
  • This curriculum was chosen by Cathy Duffy as one of her “100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum” in the Math category.

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