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High School Math Subjects

See Secondary Level Math Courses By Subject

  • To fulfill high school graduation requirements for your state, sometimes you need to find your homeschool math curriculum by subject.
  • We listed our high school math subjects in order of the traditional academic track.
  • Because each student is unique, the traditional math track may not work. Use the math subject that works for your student—no matter what the grade level.
Pre-Algebra Courses.
Algebra 1 Courses.
Geometry Courses.
Algebra 2 Courses.
Calculus Courses.
Accounting & Business Math Courses.

Pre-Algebra Courses

Lifepac Math 8 Set.


Go Math! Grade 8 Components

Go Math Grade 8

Horizons Pre-Algebra.

Horizons Pre-Algebra

Principles of Math 2.

Principles of Math 2

Math in Focus Singapore Approach Grade 8,

Math in Focus 7 or 8

Saxon Math 8/7.

Saxon Algebra 1/2 or 8/7

Algebra 1 Courses

Saxon Algebra 1.

Saxon Algebra 1

Harold R. Jacobs Elementary Algebra.

Jacobs Elementary Algebra

Envision Math Algebra 1.

Envision Algebra 1

Horizons Algebra 1 Homeschool Kit.

Horizons Algebra 1

Lifepac Math 9 Algebra 1 Set.

LIFEPAC Algebra 1

Geometry Courses

LIfepac Math 10 Geometry Set.

LIFEPAC Geometry

enVision Geometry Homeschool Kit.

Envision Geometry

Jacobs Geometry Homeschool Bundle with DVD.

Jacobs Geometry

Saxon Geometry.

Saxon Geometry

Algebra 2 Courses

Saxon Algebra 2.

Saxon Algebra 2

enVision Algebra 1 Homeschool Kit.

Envision Algebra 2

Lifepac Math 11 Algebra 2 Set.

LIFEPAC Algebra 2

Calculus and Advanced Math Courses

Saxon Advanced Math.

Advanced Math Saxon

Lifepac Math 12 PreCalculus Set.

LIFEPAC Pre-Calculus

Saxon Calculus.

Saxon Calculus

AP Calculus: Graphing, Numerical, Algebraic.

AP Calculus

Accounting and Consumer Math Electives Courses

Lifepac Accounting Set.

LIFEPAC Accounting

Lifepac Consumer Math Set.

LIFEPAC Consumer Math

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