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LIFEPAC Consumer Math Set 9780740342844

Teach Consumer Math At Home With a Complete Christian-based Homeschool Set for 7th-12 Grades

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This life skills course introduces students to the concept of financial literacy with practical applications to consumer concepts. Students will learn about practical financial concepts that will prepare them to become smart consumers with responsible spending and saving habits.

One of our local teacher/homeschool evaluators used the previous edition Consumer Math with her daughter. She gave it a thumbs up for the effectiveness of the program, the layout of the student workbooks, and the worked out solutions in the Consumer Math Solution Key.
The newly revised edition has a more comprehensive teacher guide and updated topics regarding comsumer math such as renting versus buying, using credit cards, purchasing insurance, consumer rights, and more.

Consumer Math Set~Revised 2024

Lifepac Consumer Math Set, 9780740342844.
LIFEPAC Consumer Math Set

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LIFEPAC Consumer Math Set

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

ISBN-13: 9780740342844
Item #ES2315

The Consumer Math Boxes Set includes a Teacher’s Guide with problem solutions and ten worktexts.

The Teacher’s Guide provides answer keys to all unit questions, as well as Self Tests and Unit Tests. It features:

  • Course Scope & Sequence
  • Details on the structure of the LIFEPAC curriculum
  • Teaching supplements
  • Materials lists
  • Optional additional learning activities
  • Solution keys
  • A Teacher Notes section provides:
    • Information on required and optional materials
    • Optional additional activities that may be used to practice or apply student learning.
    • Activities range from games to real-life application of concepts.

Topics in Consumer Math include:

  1. Personal Financial Planning
  2. Money Management
  3. Financial Institutions
  4. Saving and Investing
  5. Consumer Credit Basics
  6. Consumer Lending
  7. Smart Consumer
  8. Life and Health Insurance
  9. Responsible Financial Planning
  10. Reviewing Consumer Math Concepts

Course Objectives for Consumer Math

  • Describe components of a financial plan, including establishing a budget.
  • Analyze how career choice, education, and skills affect income.
  • Set financial goals.
  • Describe strategies for spending wisely.
  • Compare tools, services, and resources of financial institutions.
  • Identify financial risks and strategies to minimize them.
  • Describe key features of different types of savings and investment accounts.
  • Understand how credit scores are developed.
  • Define key financial terms associated with credit cards.
  • Understand mortgage lending processes.
  • Compare renting vs. buying benefits and disadvantages.
  • Recognize their rights as a consumer.
  • Recognize options for life and health insurance.
  • Identify other types of insurance.
  • Use research and evaluation strategies to make financial decisions.

For grades 7-12, it is a one year course with 10 LIFEPACs and a Teacher Guide.

Price $89.50

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