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LIFEPAC Math 11 Algebra 2 9781580957434

Teach Algebra 2 At Home With A Complete Christian-based Homeschool Set for 11th Grade

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Emphasizing mastery of math concepts, everything you need for one student and one teacher is in the complete LIFEPAC Math 11 Boxed Set. [Features…]

Lifepac Math 11 Algebra 2 Set, 9781580957434.
Math 11 Boxed Set
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Pre-Calculus Boxed Set
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11th Grade 5-Subject Set

 LIFEPAC Math 11 Set

Lifepac Math 11 Algebra 2 Set, 9781580957434.
LifePac 11 Math Set
Algebra 2
Item #MAT1115

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LIFEPAC Mathematics 11 Algebra 2 Set

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

Item #MAT1115

ISBN-13: 9781580957434

Features of Lifepac Math 11

  • The focus in 11th grade is instruction in Algebra 2.
  • This is a Christian mastery-based math worktext curriculum.
  • Learn math with drills, practice, and hands-on activities.
  • Teacher involvement is considered necessary since math builds on concepts.
  • The LIFEPAC Math 11 boxed set from Alpha Omega is composed of ten LIFEPACs (consumable textbook/workbook combinations) and a Teacher’s Guide.
  • Each Math 11 Student Workbook includes the subject text, exercises, projects, review, and tests.
  • The Teacher’s Guide includes answers and solutions for math problems.

The LIFEPAC Mathematics 11 topics for Algebra 2 include:

  1. Sets, Structure, and Function
  2. Numbers, Sentences, Problems
  3. Linear Equations & Inequalities
  4. Polynomials
  5. Radical Expressions
  6. Real Numbers
  7. Quadratic Relations and Systems
  8. Exponential Functions
  9. Counting Principles
  10. Algebra 2 Review

This set includes a Teacher’s Guide with problem solutions and ten worktexts.

The Teacher’s Guide has an Alpha Omega curriculum overview, lesson planning, teacher’s tips and notes, worksheets, materials lists, learning activities, test and self-test keys, alternate tests, and answer keys for lessons and tests in Units 1-10.

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Grade 11

Price $108.00

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