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Art History Curriculum

With Hands-On Art Activities!

If you have a potential artist, learning about famous artists—their art and history—may spark an interest in creating art. [Art History Curriculum Choices]

Artistic Pursuits.
Art Courses
Artistic Pursuits
Grades K-12th
Introduction to Art History.
Intro to Art History
How Great Thou Art
Ages 6 & Up
God and the History of Art 9780970040565.
God & History of Art
Ages 10 & Up
Annotated Mona Lisa 3rd Edition 9781449482138.
Annotated Mona Lisa
Art History Course

Art History Curriculum Choices

Use the classic Drawing Textbook for the independent learner or in the small family setting to learn the basics of drawing. How do you teach art when you aren’t an artistic type? One thing you can do is teach art history. Learn alongside your student with hands-on art projects even if you are #ArtisticallyChallenged.

One art history homeschool curriculum that combines art history with hands-on art projects is Artistic Pursuits. It is a well-planned art series for grades K to 12 and designed with the homeschool setting in mind.

From How Great Thou Art, comes a course about God and the History of Art. Barry Stebbing wrote this four-year art history and hands-on art curriculum for children ages 10 and up.

The new Intro to Art History Series, also by Barry Stebbing, is a multi-level 4 volume survey of Art History for ages 7 and up!

Strictly an art history course is The Annotated Mona Lisa, a “crash course in art history from prehistoric to post-modern art.”

The Annotated Mona Lisa

Annotated Mona Lisa 3rd Edition 9781449482138.
Annotated Mona Lisa
3rd Edition

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The Annotated Mona Lisa, 3rd Edition

By Carol Strickland, Ph.D.


A Crash Course in Art History From Prehistoric to Post-Modern

This is the third edition of The Annotated Mona Lisa.

Features of The Annotated Mona Lisa, 3rd Edition

  • This heavily illustrated crash course in art history is revised and updated from the second edition published in 2007
  • It includes a new chapter about recent artists and movements.
  • Features succinct page-length essays, instructive sidebars, and over 300 photographs
  • Take art education out of the realm of dreary textbooks, demystify jargon and theory, and make the history of art movements accessible to beginning art museum-goers – even at a cursory reading.
  • From Stonehenge to the Guggenheim and from African art to Warhol, more than 25,000 years of art is distilled into five sections (prehistoric and medieval, renaissance and baroque, the nineteenth century, modern art, and contemporary art) covering 230+ pages.

Reasons The Annotated Mona Lisa is a good choice for homeschool art history textbook.

  • Each section begins with side by side world history and art history timelines to help your student connect art events with eras.
  • The author does a brief biography for each famous artist and discusses the major styles of art (baroque, impressionism, etc.)
  • Learn how to analyze a painting and read about paintings.
  • A high school student could read this independently.
  • It does not have lesson plans or art activities, but I suggest assigning chapters/pages per week, quarter, or semester depending on your schedule.
  • Read aloud to younger students for a multi-level art history course.
  • The Annotated Mona Lisa can also supplement other homeschool art courses such as Artistic Pursuits.

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