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Homeschool Music Curriculum

What’s a well-rounded homeschool program without a music elective?

How Do You Choose A Homeschool Music Course?

There are two major types of music courses: music history and appreciation or music theory and instruments.

Base your choice on what your student wants to do with music after high school graduation.

Music History & Appreciation Courses

  • Anyone can take music appreciation or music history courses to satisfy the requirement to take a music course.
  • Most non-music majors take a music appreciation course for required fine arts credit.
  • Some courses have samples of different composer’s music, stories of the life of the composer, and pages to color while you listen.
  • Some of our favorites for teaching music history and appreciation at home are:
Color the Classics.
Color the Classics
Godly Composers Set
Meet the Great Composers.
Meet the Great Composers
Music History
Grades 3-9
Accent on Composers.
Accent on Composers
Music History
Ages 11-Adult
The Gift of Music.
Gift of Music
Learn about great composers
Spiritual Lives of Great Composers.
Spiritual Lives of Great Composers
By Patrick Kavanaugh

Music Theory & Instrument Lessons

  • Music theory curriculum is an essential course for students who plan to sing or play an instrument.
  • There are also technical music courses where one learns to sing or to play an instrument. Take private music lessons; sing in church choirs; or participate in a school band or orchestra if your local school district allows.
Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class.
Jean Welles Worship Guitar
Worship Guitar.
Worship Guitar Class for Kids
Jean Welles
Music Theory Electives.
Music Theory Courses
All Ages

Books about Music and Composers

Gift of Music

Gift of Music.
The Gift of Music 9780891078692

The Gift of Music

By Smith and Carlson

ISBN-13: 9780891078692

In the Gift of Music, learn about the great classical music composers and their influence. Each interesting story follows the life and contributions of the composer to the world of music. It is followed with Recommended Reading suggestions (to learn more about that composer) and a Recommended Listening list (to encourage you to listen to the works.)

Reading Level is grade 6-12.

List $21.99

Price $19.99

Add to Cart.

Spiritual Lives of Great Composers

Spiritual Lives of Great Composers.
Spiritual Lives of Great Composers 9780310208068

Spiritual Lives of Great Composers

By Patrick Kavanaugh

ISBN-13: 9780310208068

“Patrick Kavanaugh uncovers the spirituality of twenty of music’s timeless giants, revealing legacies of the soul as diverse as the masterpieces they created. Warmly written, beautifully illustrated, and complete with listening recommendations for each composer, Spiritual Lives of the Great Composers is a fascinating look at the inner flame that lit the works of these masters.”

Price $15.99

Price $14.99

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Musical Genius

Musical Genius.
Musical Genius 9781575056371

Musical Genius

By Barbara Allman

ISBN-13: 9781575056371

“Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is perhaps the most important and most recognized composer of all time. Playing the keyboard when he was just three years old and composing at age four, Mozart spent much of his youth touring European courts with his family. although he died at the age of thirty-five, he created a huge volume of musical works. among them are the famed operas The Magic Flute, The Marriage of Figaro, and Don Giovanni.”

Price $8.99

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