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Stir Up Your Gifts AKA Hidden Talents!

Are You Taking Time To Stir Up Your Gifts AKA Hidden Talents?

Creativity At Home!
Stir Up Your Gifts!

You have more talents than you think. Giftings come in many sizes and shapes. What are yours?

One of my mother-in-law’s talents is writing encouraging notes. She underestimates the value of that fine art, possibly because it is so easy for her. Choosing beautiful cards and notepaper, selecting a recipient, writing a note of encouragement, and mailing it is a real talent. What joy she gives to everyone she knows.

This fall I plan to make time to paint a picture for each of my children for a Christmas gift. Seems like there is always something more important to do…but is there? It is something I can give to each child that is unique. Each picture may not be a masterpiece, but I will be thinking and probably praying about that child while I draw and paint. It is a physical picture, but it is also a spiritual picture that will remind the recipient of my love.

I have my children to thank for reviving my talent. They like the pictures I did B.C. (before children!) They keep asking.

And like you, I want to stir up my children’s talents. Using my talents is one way to inspire them to use their hidden talents!


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