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Homeschooling: What Are You Waiting For?

When will you decide enough is enough, let’s homeschool?

You read about homeschooling. You think about it for many reasons. You wonder if it is right for your child(ren). It’s there right in front of you, but you’re still on the fence of indecision. When will you take the leap of faith and start homeschooling?

To Homeschool Or Not to Homeschool? Make a decision and get off the fence already!
When will you decide enough is enough, let’s homeschool?

Those homeschool veterans who have gone before you know and made the right choice. Why do you procrastinate? Be bold. Take one step forward and start your homeschool journey today. It’s not about what do you have to lose; it’s about what you have to gain.

There are many, many reasons to homeschool your children. Here’s our top 20 list.

  1. To train him up in the way he should go—God gave this child to your care.
  2. To take responsibility for your child’s training is yours—not the government’s.
  3. To seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness is the most important thing your child should be doing right now.
  4. To bond with siblings and parents rather than with people who have the same birth year.
  5. To help your child who isn’t doing well in school.
  6. To help your child with special needs.
  7. To give your child the one-on-one teaching.
  8. To teach your child who is gifted, talented, and bored at school.
  9. To protect your child.
  10. To avoid unnecessary germs–enough said
  11. To prevent allergic reactions—particularly food
  12. To avoid school buses that don’t have seat belts.
  13. To avoid negative peer pressure
  14. To be able to socialize with anyone of any age.
  15. To not feel intimidated by anyone who is older.
  16. To not feel superior to anyone who is younger.
  17. To protect your child from bullies.
  18. To have time to play and create.
  19. To love learning.
  20. To discipline your child before he’s a teenager.

What is it going to take to get off the fence and jump into homeschooling?

You can start homeschooling today. You can do this. We have lots of homeschool curriculum—both secular and Christian—and articles on homeschooling at Lamp Post Homeschool!

It is one of the best investments you will ever make into your child’s future. I’m not going to tell you it’s a piece of cake—it’s a lot of work for you—but now that I’m “retired” from homeschooling I can say I would do it again in a heartbeat!! You can do it.


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