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Read homeschooling articles written by a veteran homeschooler that will help you keep on homeschooling!

Today is the Day! Yes, You can Start Homeschooling Today.

Yes, You Really Can Start Homeschooling Today! Taking Your Children Out of Public or Private School? It’s not that complicated. Here’s what you need to …

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Why Should I Homeschool? Reasons to Teach Your Children at Home!

What Is the Main Reason to Homeschool? Many times, as a veteran home educator, former homeschool support group leader, and a homeschool store owner, I …

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Horizons Health for Grades 4-8 Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

Each of these homeschool health programs is written with a Christian perspective.

Horizons Preschool Complete Curriculum and Multimedia Set

I am happy to report that there are more homeschool friendly choices for Christian Homeschool Preschool Curriculum.

Start Homeschooling Mid-Year. Learn More at LampPostHomeschool.com

Do I have to purchase a whole year of curriculum when we plan to start in the middle of the academic year?

Learn More About Homeschool Mini-Mesters.

Learn More About Homeschool Mini-Mesters! Homeschool mini-mesters—like college mini-mesters—are simply courses done in a shorter amount of time than the regular semester or year. It’s …

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