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More About Homeschool Mini-Mesters

Learn More About Homeschool Mini-Mesters!

Homeschool mini-mesters—like college mini-mesters—are simply courses done in a shorter amount of time than the regular semester or year. It’s an easy-to-do choice when schools are closed due to quarantines.

  • Take anywhere from two to nine weeks or longer.
  • Some subjects work better as mini-mesters—history, science, and electives.
  • Reviews in math or reading could also work as a mini-mester course.
  • Works for all ages.
  • Focus on one favorite subject for a fun break from the regular routine.
  • Finish your school year with a mini-mester or do a quick summer course!
Learn More About Homeschool Mini-Mesters.

Choosing Your Mini-Mester Course Materials

Adjust almost any homeschool course to complete it in a shorter time. Some courses have greater scheduling flexibility.

  • Paradigm Courses are easy to modify because of the formatting. For example, Paradigm World Geography is an excellent choice for a mini-mester—Choose to start with your student’s favorite continent!
  • Great Science Adventures are easy to adapt.
  • For grades 6-8, try a ScienceFusion or HMH Science Dimensions module by choosing a life, earth or physical science topic.
  • American Government or Economics courses are also good choices. 
  • Everyone has to take a health course at some point—another good mini-mester choice.
  • How about focusing on cursive handwriting for the older student? Horizons Penmanship can be a mini-mester course.
  • What about physical education? Seasonal sports, such as soccer, baseball, or swimming, would work as mini-mesters. So would a summer dance or gymnastics class. One might not be worth a year of credit, but you can do more than one. When I think about it, we were doing mini-mesters way back when we were doing swimming at the YMCA in winter, baseball in spring and summer, and soccer in the fall! Maybe you’ve done something like that, too?

How Do You Plan a Homeschool Mini-Mester?

  1. After you choose your course materials, decide how long you want your mini-mester to last.
  2. If you want to break up your school year into mini-mesters, consider choosing 6 or 9 weeks
    –Six-week segments leave room for six different courses.
    –Or perhaps you have a math or reading program that you want to do all year. Use nine-week segments for four mini-mesters—your child will be doing two subjects at any given time.
  3. Find the course schedule/planner—Number of lessons, daily schedule, etc.
  4. Calculate the number of lessons your student needs to do each day or week to finish the course.
    –For example, if there are 36 weekly lessons, and you choose a 6-week course, then your student needs to work six lessons each week.
    –Though that sounds like a lot, students in summer school do it all the time.


  • It’s important to stay on track and keep your student accountable.
  • Encourage your student to work ahead if possible.
  • Set weekly goals with rewards to motivate your child.
  • Don’t forget to record the work in your journal if you live in a state like Pennsylvania that requires daily logs.

Be Creative!

Make it work for you by being creative. There is no set rule for how long a mini-mester should last. Take a look at summer class schedules for different colleges to see what I mean.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about mini-mesters or homeschooling! 


Harriet Yoder

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