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Health and Physical Education

There’s No Reason to Worry About Teaching Health and PE at Home!

These courses are excellent for fulfilling the requirements of Pennsylvania law for teaching health and PE (and for other states too.)

Homeschool Health Curriculum Grades K-12

Master Books Healthy Living Homeschool Curriculum for Grades 4-6 9781683442493.
Living Healthy
Grades 4-6
LIFEPAC Health Quest Homeschool Kit 9781580959292.
Lifepac Health Quest
Alpha Omega
Grades 4-7
Horizons Health K-8 Courses.
Horizons Health
Alpha Omega
Grades K to 8th
LIFEPAC High School Health Kit.
High School

Physical Education Curriculum

Many homeschool families satisfy the requirements for physical education by participating in local sports (soccer, bowling, baseball, etc.), school sports [when allowed], or taking nature walks/hikes.

Some families form homeschool co-ops to offer PE classes as well as other sports such as basketball. Churches with gyms or fellowship halls may allow the use of their facilities if one of the families is a member. Sometimes there’s a fee, and sometimes the church offers free use as an outreach to the community. We suggest that those who use a free facility make a love offering to that church as the Holy Spirit leads.

Physical Education Curriculum Grades K-12

Horizons Physical Education PreK-2nd Grade.
Grades PreK-2
Horizons PE
Horizons Physical Education Grades 3-5.
Grades 3-5
Horizons PE
Horizons Physical Education Grades 6-8.
Grades 6-8
Horizons PE
Horizons Physical Education Grades 9-12..
Grades 9-12
Horizons PE
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