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Teach Yourself Cursive Handwriting 9780979767852

Does Your Older Student Need to Learn Cursive?

Teach Yourself Cursive is for older students and adults. It has a step-by-step lesson plan.

Teach Yourself Cursive Course

Teach Yourself Cursive handwriting 9780979767852.
Teach Yourself Cursive

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Teach Yourself Cursive

By Iris Hatfield, Publisher: Memoria Press

ISBN-13: 9780979767852

Teach Yourself Cursive penmanship course helps because:

  • The format is easy to follow.
  • It helps your student create a cursive that fits.
  • Your student will develop an individualized handwriting style.
  • The practice lessons have samples to trace and space for writing it freehand afterward.
  • It only asks your student to invest 15 minutes per day in learning it.
  • It’s not that complicated to learn cursive.
  • There are 14 tips for left-handers.
  • Practice for fifteen minutes a day and take ownership of your beautiful cursive handwriting.
  • See Our Review of Teach Yourself Cursive
  • View a sample of this course:
  • Read our review!

Did you know that cursive handwriting was “taught in first grade until the 1920s when Marjorie Wise brought the ball-and-stick printing style to New York?” Later, she “reversed her position and became a believer that children should be taught one beautiful, flowing script.”

From Willa W. Smith, Ed. D:
“Iris Hatfield has done it again! Teach Yourself Cursive makes practice easy and interesting, with plenty of guides and incentives to keep us improving in handwriting that is consistent, legible, and yes, faster than printing. Above all, New American Cursive is proven to be based on positive psychological principles.”

Grade: Grades 5-Adult

List $25.00

Price $20.99

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