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Learn Cursive for the Older Student!

Teach Yourself Cursive Handwriting Review

Teach Yourself Cursive Review.

By Harriet Yoder

The ability to write in a beautiful and legible cursive seems to be on its way to becoming a lost art. Wait, there’s hope for your homeschooled students to learn to write in cursive!

Help Has Arrived!

Teach Yourself Cursive by Iris Hatfield, author of the New American Cursive Series and a Creative Cursive Coach, is updated from Memoria Press. According to the author, if your student devotes fifteen minutes a day to practice in this book, the results will be remarkable.

It starts with a tour of the book. Make sure your student reads “A Brief Tour of This Book.” It has important instructions.

Finding Your Cursive Style

There is a chapter on choosing your style of cursive. It shows examples of different styles and helps your student set handwriting goals. I love that the author understands that a cursive handwriting style can be unique for each person. She is very encouraging!

A chapter with the usual penmanship tips and techniques follows. Then the lessons start in earnest.

Nicely Formatted

The book is formatted with a nice font that is easy to read. It has a metal coil binding across the top that helps the book to lay flat. It has 150 pages of encouraging cursive handwriting lessons and information about cursive handwriting.

It’s All About the Practice Pages!

You’ll like the practice pages. Capital letters and lower case letters are taught at the same time. There is plenty of room for practicing each letter. There are always several “dotted” or faint letters to trace followed by blank space to practice without tracing. Honestly, it’s exactly how I would envision the “perfect” handwriting workbook!

Designed for older students and adults, Teach Yourself Cursive is exciting! I’m recommending it to anyone who comes to our store and needs a cursive program for late bloomers. I could see it used by students in fifth and sixth grade and older.

Do yourself a favor: use Teach Yourself Cursive for your older student who is ready to master cursive handwriting!

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