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Do You Have an Emergency Plan?

Have you thought about making an Emergency Plan for your family?

Flooding in Pennsylvania.
Flooding in Pennsylvania
  • Do you have Emergency Kits for your home and car? 
  • Basic Disaster Supplies Kit There are several different webpages at the FEMA site with great information on making a basic kit, about storing water and food, and maintaining your kit.
  • Include your children when making your emergency plan. Older children can do research and make plans. Teens can take first aid courses–also a good idea for potential babysitters. Younger children can “practice” the plan.
  • Two handy items to add to have in your house are the Disaster Preparedness Flipper and the First Aid Flipper.
  • Don’t forget to add prayer to the list!
    When all else fails, prayer is the most important thing you can do in an emergency.


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