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Horizons Penmanship Kits Grades 1-6

Christian-based Handwriting Curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications

Horizons Penmanship Kits for 1st to 6th grade come with at Teacher’s Guide and a Student Workbook. [Features]

Horizons Penmanship 1 Kits.

Horizons Penmanship 1

Horizons Penmanship 2 Kits.

Horizons Penmanship 2

Horizons Penmanship 3 Kits.

Horizons Penmanship 3

Horizons Penmanship 4 Kit.

Horizons Penmanship 4

Horizons Penmanship 5 Kit.

Horizons Penmanship 5

Horizons Penmanship, Grades 1-6

Horizons Penmanship 6

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Horizons Spelling
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Features of Horizons Penmanship for First to Sixth Grade

  • Practice letter formation, spacing, capitalization, punctuation, and pencil grip.
  • Teach manuscript handwriting in 1st grade—With the ball and stick method.
  • Study Cursive Handwriting in 2nd to 6th grades.AOP Certified Reseller.
  • Copy Bible verses from the New International Bible and excerpts from important historical documents.
  • The set includes a Teacher’s Guide and the accompanying student book.
  • The components are available separately.

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