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Start Homeschooling Today!

Yes, You Really Can Start Homeschooling Today!

Today is the Day! Yes, You can Start Homeschooling Today.

Taking Your Children Out of Public or Private School?

It’s not that complicated.

Here’s what you need to know to start homeschooling today:

  • Take a deep breath. Tell yourself thousands of parents have taken the first step and survived.
  • Pat yourself on the back for making a great decision about your child’s future.
  • Don’t feel rushed to run out and buy curriculum today—Take your time. Snap decisions and buying curriculum too quickly typically results in overbuying and unused books.
  • If you really need to get started today, make a trip to your local library. Find a book or two on a topic in each subject.
    Here are some suggestions for books and DVDs:
    • Literature: find a classic or two, or grade-level reading books for the younger child.
    • Science (topical books, hands-on science activities, history of science, biographies of famous scientists, and don’t forget science DVDs)
    • History (non-fiction, biography, historical fiction, history DVDs)
    • Math (yes, there are some fun educational math reading books out there)
  • While you are at the library, check out a book for yourself about homeschooling, if available.
  • Assign readings to your children while you choose homeschool curriculum for each child.
  • Check out the homeschool law of your state to find the legal requirements.
  • Look for a local homeschool support with an internet search to help you find a homeschool support group in your area.
    Most veteran homeschoolers are happy to help newbies!
  • Complete Homeschool Curriculum—if you are looking for a complete program with lots of parent help.

Hope this helps!

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