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What Are My Choices for Teaching Homeschool Health?

Horizons Health K-8 Courses.
Horizons Health for Grades K-8th

From Horizons is the Horizons Health curriculum for each grade from kindergarten to grade 6. Grades 7 and 8 are combined. Each level has a teacher’s guide and a student workbook. There is also a student book for each grade from 3 to 6. More teacher interaction is needed for this program.

If you want a more independent program, then Alpha Omega also offers Health Quest for grades 4 to 7. It has five units in the typical LIFEPAC format.

Introduce your students to health topics such as fitness, serving sizes, superfoods, vitamins, immune system, food safety and more with Master Books Living Healthy. It is designed for elementary grades 4-6.

Study the nervous, respiratory, and circulatory systems in a one-year Elementary Anatomy course by Master Books.

Each of these homeschool health programs is written with a Christian perspective. Except for Horizons Health, a grade-level based course, most of the health courses we carry at Lamp Post Homeschool are multi-level. You can teach one course to several children who are close in grade level!

For grades 9 to 12, there is LifePac High School Health. It is a one-semester course with 5 units for grades 9-12.

Health Curriculum Choices for Homeschool

Master Books Healthy Living Homeschool Curriculum for Grades 4-6 9781683442493.
Living Healthy
Homeschool Curriculum
LIFEPAC Health Quest Homeschool Kit 9781580959292.
Lifepac Health Quest
Grades 4-7
LIFEPAC High School Health Kit.
Alpha Omega
High School
Elementary Anatomy: Nervous, Respiratory & Circulatory Systems 9781683443209.
Elementary Anatomy
Master Books
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