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What Are My Choices for Teaching Homeschool Health?

Horizons Health
Horizons Health for Grades K-8th

From Horizons is the Horizons Health curriculum for each grade from kindergarten to grade 6. Grades 7 and 8 are combined. Each level has a teacher’s guide and a student workbook. There is also a student book for each grade from 3 to 6. More teacher interaction is needed for this program.

If you want a more independent program, then Alpha Omega also offers Health Quest for grades 4 to 7. It has five units in the typical LIFEPAC format. It is also available in the Switched-On Schoolhouse format.

Each of these homeschool health programs is written with a Christian perspective.

For grades 9 to 12, homeschool health courses include LifePac High School Health and Switched-On Schoolhouse High School Health, a Christian curriculum on CD-Rom.

The BJU Press Biology for 10th grade covers various health topics in the unit on the Study of Human Life.


Health Curriculum Choices for Homeschool

Go to Lifepac Health Quest Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications
Lifepac Health Quest
Alpha Omega
Grades 4-7
Elementary Zoology: Nervous, Respiratory & Circulatory Systems Curriculum Pack
Elementary Anatomy
Master Books
Grades 4-6
Go to LIFEPAC Elective High School Health ES9715-9780740301827
Alpha Omega
High School
Go to BJU Press Biology
Homeschool Kit
BJU Press
10 Grade
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