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Homeschool Sneak Peek

Try Homeschooling During the Summer or Winter School Break!

So you’re thinking about starting to homeschool next year, but you’re still not sure. How about taking a sneak peek at homeschooling during the winter or summer break to help you make the decision?

Take a Sneak Peek! Try homeschooling this summer.
Take a sneak peek! Try homeschooling on the winter break or next summer!

What Is a Homeschool Sneak Peek?

Glad you asked! It’s a trial during the school break to help you get a feel for homeschooling without the worry of doing it for real. If you already help your student with homework, you already have the skills you need to homeschool!

 Choose one subject or topic to do during the winter break or over the summer.

Lots of options are available from which to choose:

  • Catch-up or refresh—When your child is behind in a subject or wants to improve skills, choose that one.
  • Head-start for next year—Choose something you want to work on ahead of time that will help whether you choose to homeschool or not.
  • Off the typical academic track—Find a topic your student likes but isn’t typically offered in public school.
  • Whatever you and your student find and want to try! 
Elevate Science Homeschool Kits.
Elevate Science
Grades 1-8th
Winning Reading Kit
Grades 4-8+
Horizons Math Homeschool Kits Gr. K-9.
Horizons Math
Alpha Omega
K-Algebra 1
Paradigm Character and Skills for Home and Careers Set.
Home & Careers
Grades 7-12

Here are some ideas for simple homeschool mini-mesters!

  • Study a subject to improve skills.
  • Investigate a topic not covered in school.
  • Try a multi-level history or science course with all of your children.
  • Read lots of great books in a literature-based course.

It’s a Stress-Free, Fail-Proof, and Fun Trial!

All you have to lose is some time and the cost of the homeschool curriculum for your homeschool preview adventure.

  • If your children have been in public school, you have an advantage—They’re already used to schedules and the school routine.
  • If they want you to teach them at home, they are ready, willing and able to get started.
  • At the worst, your children will have learned something over the break.
  • You will probably learn you are far more capable of teaching than you thought.
  • It will be an adventure, for sure.

Possible Mid-Year and Summer Mini-Courses

Common Sense Science Plants Print Set.
Great Science Adventures
Common Sense Press
Grades K-8
Grocery Cart Math Ebook by Common Sense Press.
Grocery Cart Math
Common Sense Press
2018 Avancemos Spanish Levels 1-4.
¡Avancemos! Spanish
Holt McDougal
High School
Artistic Pursuits Art Courses PreK-12 at Lamp Post Homeschool.
Art Courses
Artistic Pursuits
PreK to High School

Here’s a quick overview of these courses.

  • Great Science Adventures Courses For the hands-on learner who likes to make projects with paper and scissors, choose a science topic of interest to your child.
  • Grocery Cart Math Beef up basic arithmetic skills with math activities at the grocery store and home. It’s fun for everyone.
  • ¡Avancemos! Spanish 1 Start learning Spanish or another foreign language with an affordable interactive online course. Bien dit French is also available in this affordable online format for grades 9-12.
  • Artistic Pursuits Learn about art from the basics to sculpture for preschool through high school.

Try it, you’ll like it!

It’s a risk-free way to see if homeschooling is for you and your family. Go ahead and try a homeschool sneak peek this summer!

You can do this!



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