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2018 ¡Avancemos! Spanish Components for High School

Multimedia Interactive Spanish Curriculum for Homeschool

The updated 2018 version of Avancemos doesn’t use the discontinued Adobe Flash in the digital version, so it works better. This new version still uses the ©2007 print workbooks. [Features…]

NOTE: Avancemos Spanish Is Being Discontinued

It will be discontinued by HMH in 2024. However, the last day to order will be 12-23-23 to make sure we have it ordered before the end of the year.

AVANCEMOS © 2018 ~ Middle School Grades 6-8

Start learning French in grades 6-8! Designed for middle school learners, Levels 1A and B include more practice, games and appropriate visuals. Completing both levels helps prepare students to advance directly to Avancemos Level 2.

Avancemos Spanish Level 1A.

2018 ¡Avancemos! Spanish 1A
Grades 6-8

2018 Avancemos Spanish Level 1B.

2018 ¡Avancemos! Spanish 1B
Grades 6-8

AVANCEMOS © 2018 ~ High School

2018 Avancemos Spanish 1.

2018 ¡Avancemos! Spanish 1
Grades 9-12

2018 Avancemos Spanish 2.

2018 ¡Avancemos! Spanish 2
Grades 9-12

2018 Avancemos Spanish 3.

2018 ¡Avancemos! Spanish 3
Grades 9-12

2018 Avancemos Spanish 4.

2018 ¡Avancemos! Spanish 4
Grades 9-12

Features ©2018 ¡Avancemos! Homeschool Spanish

  • Empower students to communicate effectively in Spanish.
  • Experience connections between culture and language.
  • There are two levels for grades 6-8 and four levels for grades 9 to 12.
  • Print and digital components are available for purchase.
  • ¡Avancemos! Overview Brochure [Opens at the publisher’s website]
  • Select Homeschool for the “Role”. You will need to add a password, and should have instant access. There is a tutorial the first time you sign in.

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