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¡Avancemos! Spanish Kits for High School

Multimedia Interactive Spanish Curriculum for Homeschool¡Avancemos! Homeschool Spanish.

NOTE: 1/1/2021 HMH discontinued the homeschool version of ¡Avancemos! Spanish. It is no longer available. However, at this time some print and digital components are available for separate purchase.

¡Avancemos! Spanish makes life a lot easier for homeschool parents who want to teach Spanish at home! [Features…]

¡Avancemos! Spanish for Grades 9 to 12

¡Avancemos! Homeschool Spanish 1.

¡Avancemos! Spanish 1
Grades 9-12

¡Avancemos! Homeschool Spanish 2.

¡Avancemos! Spanish 2
Grades 9-12

¡Avancemos! Spanish 3.

¡Avancemos! Spanish 3
Grades 9-12

¡Avancemos! Homeschool Spanish 4.

¡Avancemos! Spanish 4
Grades 9-12

About ¡Avancemos! Homeschool Spanish

  • The perfect blend of culture, instruction, and interaction enables and motivates students to succeed in learning Spanish.
  • It gives students the ability and confidence to thrive in a multilingual world.
  • Proven pedagogy, engaging digital features, and differentiated instruction provide the keys to Spanish language proficiency.
  • Supports 21st-century skills with items like News + Networking online
  • Offers both print and digital to support different learning styles
  • Mobile-ready Online Editions let students take their Spanish language learning anywhere
  • There are four levels for grades 9 to 12.
  • Components are available for purchase for additional students.

Product Tutorial Videos and Webinars: ¡Avancemos!: Getting Started with Avancemos 2013

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Holt McDougal ¡Avancemos! Homeschool Spanish 1.

Avancemos! Spanish 1

Grades 9-12

Holt McDougal Bien dit! French 1.

Bien dit! French 1-3
Grades 9-12

Discovering French Level 1A.

Discovering French
Levels 1A, 1B, 1-3
Grades 6-8

Switched-on Schoolhouse Spanish 1 & 2.

Spanish 1 & 2 on USB
Switched-On Schoolhouse
High School

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