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¡Avancemos! Spanish Kits for High School

Multimedia Interactive Spanish Curriculum for Homeschool¡Avancemos! Homeschool Spanish.

NOTE: 1/1/2021 HMH discontinued the homeschool version of ¡Avancemos! Spanish. It is no longer available. However, at this time some components are still available for separate purchase.

¡Avancemos! Spanish makes life a lot easier for homeschool parents who want to teach Spanish at home!

  • ¡Avancemos! Homeschool Spanish Packages are available.
  • Can also be used by homeschool co-ops and small groups. [Features…]

¡Avancemos! Spanish for Grades 9 to 12

¡Avancemos! Homeschool Spanish 1.

¡Avancemos! Spanish 1
Homeschool Package
Grades 9-12

¡Avancemos! Homeschool Spanish 2.

¡Avancemos! Spanish 2
Homeschool Package
Grades 9-12

¡Avancemos! Spanish 3.

¡Avancemos! Spanish 3
Homeschool Package
Grades 9-12

¡Avancemos! Homeschool Spanish 4.

¡Avancemos! Spanish 4
Homeschool Package
Grades 9-12

About ¡Avancemos! Homeschool Spanish

  • The perfect blend of culture, instruction, and interaction enables and motivates students to succeed in learning Spanish.
  • It gives students the ability and confidence to thrive in a multilingual world.
  • Proven pedagogy, engaging digital features, and differentiated instruction provide the keys to Spanish language proficiency.
  • Supports 21st-century skills with items like News + Networking online
  • Offers both print and digital to support different learning styles
  • Mobile-ready Online Editions let students take their Spanish language learning anywhere
  • There are four levels for grades 9 to 12.
  • Components are available for purchase for additional students.

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Holt McDougal ¡Avancemos! Homeschool Spanish 1.

Avancemos! Spanish 1
Homeschool Package
Grades 9-12

Holt McDougal Bien dit! French 1.

Bien dit! French 1-3
Grades 9-12

Discovering French Level 1A.

Discovering French
Levels 1A, 1B, 1-3
Homeschool Packages
Grades 6-8

Switched-on Schoolhouse Spanish 1 & 2.

Spanish 1 & 2 on USB
Switched-On Schoolhouse
High School

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