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Christian Homeschool Preschool

I Am Happy to Report That There Are More Homeschool Friendly Choices for Preschool

Horizons Preschool for Threes Curriculum Set PRS000-9780740329951

By homeschool friendly, I mean the type of curriculum that is written with consideration for the busy homeschool parent.  They feature easy to follow lesson plans and teacher guides, beautiful student workbooks, and a solid Christian foundation.

What to Look For In Preschool Curriculum

  • Formatting and Pictures – This is important for preschoolers because they are very visual at this age. I don’t like too much busyness on a page. A page of work should be short and simple.
  • Easy-to-Follow Lessons – A lay-flat teacher’s guide with the day’s lesson plan on the open pages is nice, but I really like the student workbooks with the teacher/parent instructions on the page. It makes a busy mom’s life a lot easier.Foundations Phonics 9780890519431 by Master Books
  • Covers the 3 R’s – It’s all about learning the basics to lay a good foundation for preschoolers. Preschool isn’t that complicated, but make sure it isn’t so cutesy that it leaves the academics.
  • Solid Christian Foundation – If you are a Christian, then start teaching them your faith when they are babies and keep the ball rolling with a Christian-based solid preschool curriculum.

Having more great choices for Christian preschool curriculum is timely for us because our grandchildren are starting their second generation homeschool journey.

I hope it is timely for you as you and your preschool children start your homeschool journey.

Hope this helps!

Harriet Yoder

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