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Homeschool High School-Career Exploration

Great Resources to Help Your Homeschool Student Find The Career That Fits

The first step in the career exploration process is to help your children find what God wants for them. [Read more…]

Discover What You're Best At.
Discover What You’re Best At
Switched-On College Planner.
Switched-On College Planner
Resumes are Worthless.
Resumes Are Worthless

Homeschool High School, College Entrance, and Career Exploration Tips

  • Discover What You’re Best At is a good place to start. Take a series of tests to find your niche and learn about career possibilities.
  • If your student is charting a career path, Resumes Are Worthless shows you how to “find the work you love and succeed.”
  • When your student wants a career that requires a college degree, choose academic track subjects in high school.
  • Start prepping for college entrance exams and learn to write college-worthy essays. Many colleges offer two ways to gain entrance: testing or submitting an essay.
  • The Switched-On College Planner is another tool to help your student select a college and guide you through the process. It counts for high school credit, too.

Discover What You’re Best At

Discover What You're Best At.
Discover What You’re Best At 9780684839561

Discover What You’re Best At

By Linda Gale

ISBN-13: 9780684839561

With Discover What You’re Best At, your high school student will be able to take a series of interest tests to help learn what career would be the best.

  • The first half of the book has tests that cover interest in clerical, business, logic, mechanical, numerical, and social.
  • Then there is a scoring section.
  • Armed with this information, your student will be able to use the rest of the book to learn about different career possibilities that are listed and described in detail.
  • Over 1,100 jobs are described in detail with codes to match your “career cluster” to jobs.

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Switched-On College Planner

Switched-On Schoolhouse College Planner.
Switched-On Schoolhouse College Planner on USB uSOSCP

Switched-On Schoolhouse College Planner

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

Item #uSOSCP

The College Planner guides a student through the process of selecting a college. College Planner starts with a self-analysis and steers the student through the process of applications, financial aid, interviews, and even ACT and SAT testing.

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Resumes are Worthless

Resumes are Worthless.
Resumes are Worthless 9781456496432

Resumes Are Worthless

By Dr. Dale Callahan, Publisher: AskDrCallahan

ISBN-13: 9781456496432

Resumes Are Worthless: How to Find the Work You Love and Succeed helps you chart a new career path that will help you to take control of your professional life to help you maximize your money, time, and fulfillment.

Author Dale Callahan is the director of the executive graduate program in Information Engineering and Management at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

From the back cover: “having a college degree is like having a powerful engine for a car—potential ready for application. Dale’s concept of the Company of One is a needed perspective on today’s changing workplace. Resumes are Worthless will help anyone put wheels on their hard work and preparation.” —Dan Miller, author of 48 Days to the Work You Love

Paperback, 187 pages

Price $14.95

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