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Worldviews in Conflict Course 9780890519370

A Christian-based Cultural Philosophy Course for High School

 Familiarize your student with the ideas and writings that formed the modern world. [Features]

Worldviews in Conflict Set

Master Books: Worldviews in Conflict Set.

Worldviews in Conflict Set 9780890519370

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Worldviews in Conflict Set

By Kevin Swanson, Publisher: Master Books

Item #9780890519370

Features of Worldviews in Conflict

  • Learn about writings that undermined the Christian foundations in the West.
  • Study philosophers, literary masters, and cultural influencers of the past 300 years.
  • Equip your student to address false worldviews in the “great” humanist works of this era.
  • It’s a one-year basic survey and critical analysis of writers who influenced culture.
  • The easy-to-use Teacher Guide features a weekly lesson schedule, student worksheets, quizzes, final exam, and an answer key
  • Reproducible pages for use in one homeschool or a small group of up to 10 students.

 The Worldviews in Conflict Set includes one of each of the following books.

The easy-to-use Worldviews in Conflict Teacher Guide ( 9780890519165) features:

  • In the course, there are lessons for 36 weeks of study.
  • Each week there are three lessons that combine reading, worksheets, vocabulary-building, and activity opportunities.
  • Lessons take 30 to 45 minutes for 3 days a week.
  • Use the worksheets as class discussion questions or written short answers.
  • It has semester tests and answer keys.
  • Includes a suggested daily schedule which is flexible to suit your needs.
  • Worksheets are reproducible for one family or one small classroom with 10 or fewer students.
  • Preview Worldviews in Conflict Teacher Guide at the publisher’s website

The Worldviews in Conflict Student Edition has:

  • Selected readings and summaries of over fifteen philosophers and authors.
  • In-depth analysis of influential literary works.
  • Reviews of popular music and movies.
  • Prayers to equip students in the war of ideas.
  • Preview Worldviews in Conflict Student Edition at the publisher’s website.

Grade 10-12

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