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Teach Creation vs Evolution: The Best Defense

Pillars of Evolution looks at creation vs evolution.Teach the Truth About Creation and Evolution

We are in the world. Our children are going to see things about evolution. Doesn’t it make sense to teach them about creation versus evolution before they venture into the real world?

If you teach your children about God’s creation and how He made the world, then when they see evolution, they will know and be prepared for it. In fact, they will come and tell you when they encounter it. For example, last week my son came and told me about a book he is reading that says the earth is a billion years old. Even though the rest of the book is accurate, that author lost credibility with my son.

Teach About Creation

Teaching about creation is an excellent defense against encountering the theory of evolution. If you teach them when they are young, then they will not depart from it when they are old. When I was in college, evolution was taught in science courses. I wasn’t prepared when I was required to read a book that explained how man was evolved from apes. I remember the confusion it caused in what I believed. Thankfully, one of the great things about teaching our children at home is that I learned about creation versus evolution along with my children.

Creation DVDs Reinforce Learning

Our family watched the Mission Imperative Creation DVDs. We laughed, and we learned as we watched. It’s one of the reasons our son knew the earth wasn’t that old! He believed in creation and resisted the theory of evolution.


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