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10 Reasons to Keep or Change Your Homeschool Curriculum

When Is It Time to Change to a Different Homeschool Course?

Time to Change or Learn to Love Your Homeschool Curriculum at LampPostHomeschool.com

We hear this a lot.

  • I want something different in this subject.
  • It’s just not working.
  • She hates it.

Here are ten reasons it’s time to change your homeschool curriculum or learn to love it.

Is It Time to Keep or Change Your Homeschool Curriculum? Infographic

1.    Do you and your student find any reason to avoid that subject?

Before you purchased that product, did you and your student like doing that subject?

  • This product isn’t for you. #TimeToChange

 2. Does your student dislike it?

Is the product is working–the student is learning/progressing, then he might dislike the subject.

  • A different product probably won’t solve this problem.
  • Don’t rock the boat. #LearnToLoveIt
  • If it works for your student now, find something you both like next year! #LearnToLoveIt
  • If your student isn’t making progress, it’s probably the product. #TimeToChange

3. Too much repetition

  • If your student masters the problems or questions quickly, then assign less of them. #LearnToLoveIt
  • But if it is boringly repetitious. #TimeToChange

4. The layout hurts our brains.

You’ve picked up books before that just make your head hurt looking at the layout. Let your child look at the books and talk about the choices before you buy.

  • If the layout is so bothersome that it’s detrimental, it’s #TimeToChange
  • If too much color or too many pictures distracts, #TimeToChange to black and white print with less images.

5. My student liked the subject until we started using this product.

We had one father call to ask for an English program that wouldn’t bludgeon his child.

  • If a particular product is sucking the joy out of learning, it is #TimeToChange!
  • Remember, it may be a great product for another child with a different learning style.

6. It’s hard for me to follow the Teacher’s Guide, I need more help, or it’s too complicated.

Consider if you need or don’t need the teacher guide for a particular subject.

  • If  the teacher guide doesn’t have enough help, and you can’t teach with it, #TimeToChange

7. It’s hard for me to grade the work.

Ask your children check their math answers with a calculator. School teachers have children check each other’s papers while they call out the answers.

  • Perhaps you can #LearnToLoveIt with a little help from your child.
  • If not, find something that is easier to grade like online courses#TimeToChange

8. The material seems dry and boring.

You can always supplement with more interesting books or DVDs from the library.

  • Choose something better next time. #LearnToLoveIt

9. There are too many details and too many activities.

  • It’s great to have choices.
  • Think back to your school days. Did you ever do every exercise or suggested project in a textbook?
  • Choose the ones you like, skip material that you covered with a different course.
  • Just because it is there doesn’t mean you have to do it. Do what is best for your child.
  • This is probably a keeper: #LearnToLoveIt.

10. My friend, who’s a veteran homeschooler, told me about something better.

  • Check it out and do your research. It’s great to have friends who give you homeschool support and encouragement! Keep in mind that each child is unique with different learning styles and talents.
  • If it is better, decide where you are in the school year—is it worth making a change now or wait until next year?

Hope this helps you with your decision to change or keep your homeschool curriculum.



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