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Horizons Health 1 Complete Kit

A Christian-based Health Curriculum for First GradeAOP Certified Reseller.

Study health with the easy-to-use Horizons Health 1st Grade Complete Kit—Includes everything you need to teach health at home. [Features…]

Horizons Health 1 Set.
Horizons Health 1 Set
Item #JHC100
Horizons Health 1 Student.
Horizons Health 1 Student
Item #JHW011
Horizons Physical Education PreK-2nd Grade.
Horizons PE K-2nd

First Grade Set

Horizons Health 1 Kit 9780740317002.
Horizons Health 1 Set

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Horizons Health Grade 1 Set

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications (AOP)

Item #JHC100

ISBN-13: 9780740317002

The Horizons Health 1 Set comes with everything you need to teach first-grade health at home.

Features of Horizons 1st Grade Health

  • Explains essential health topics with a soft-cover teacher’s guide and a consumable student workbook.
  • Complete set includes 50 step-by-step, age-appropriate lessons with suggested puppet dialogues and teaching materials, colorful student visuals and hands-on activities.
  • Covers Christian-based topics like changing bodies, healthy choices, health problems, and more!
  • Teaches with a spiral learning format.
  • Designed to be taught two to three days per week–flexible to teach according to your student’s schedule.
  • Adaptable to homeschooling or homeschool co-ops.
  • Reasonably priced health course.
  • Scope and Sequence Learn more about this program.

The Horizons Health Grade 1 Set includes one of each of the following items:

Teacher’s Guide for Horizons Health 1 9780740314940 features:

  • Step-by-step teacher’s guide includes 50 lessons, along with a list of needed materials, objectives, lesson overviews, related activities, and more!
  • Each lesson in the Teacher’s Guide 1 has a Preparations/Materials List, Objectives, Background Information, and the Lesson.
  • Answers are integrated into the lesson plan for the day.
  • Gives directions for the use of each component.
  • When you need to use the student workbook or text, the item name is shown in bold type with the instructions following in regular type and the answers in italics.
  • Health topics covered include understanding emotions and the growing body, making healthy choices, preventing health problems, and developing safety awareness.

Student Workbook for Horizons Health 1 9780740315060

  • Over 30 black-and-white student visuals and drawing activities (teacher-administered).
  • Perforated pages for easy removal.
  • Activities include coloring pictures, matching and identifying objects, cutting and pasting, and writing simple words.
  • Learn about understanding emotions and the growing body, making healthy choices, preventing health problems, and developing safety awareness.
  • Teacher-administered student activities help visually teach beginning health concepts.

See Sample Pages at the Publisher’s Website:

Grade 1

Price $27.50

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