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Horizons Health Kindergarten Kit ISBN-13: 9780740316999

Christian-Based Complete Health Course for Kindergarten

Study health at home with the easy-to-use Horizons Health Kindergarten Complete Set—Includes everything you need to teach health at home.

Horizons Health K Set 9780740316999.
Horizons Health Kindergarten Set

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Horizons Health Kindergarten Set

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications (AOP)

Item #JHCK00

ISBN-13: 9780740316999


  • Teach Horizons Health K for 2 to 3 days per week.
  • All grades have a teacher’s guide and a student workbook.
  • These health courses are very reasonably priced.
  • Includes 48 step-by-step, age-appropriate lessons with teaching materials and suggested puppet dialogues, along with colorful student visuals and hands-on activities.
  • Cover Christian-based topics like living in a family, getting along with others, taking care of the body, being safe, and preventing health problems.
  • Answers are integrated into the lesson plan for the day.
  • Directions for the use of each component are given.
  • When you need to use the student workbook or text, the item name is shown in bold type with the instructions following in regular type and the answers in italics.

The Horizons Health Kindergarten Set includes one of each of the following items:

  • Horizons Health Teacher’s Guide Grade K 9780740314933
    • Teach your child age appropriate health topics with the comprehensive teacher’s guide.
    • Includes a step-by-step curriculum overview, a section on how to use the curriculum, a Horizons Health Scope & Sequence, and a complete list of health education resources.
    • Divided by units, it outlines each unit’s lessons, goals, background, use of puppets, vocabulary terms, and resources.
    • Lists all required materials, lesson objectives, background information, lesson directions, and activities for each lesson.
    • Covers health topics such as living in a family, getting along with others, taking care of the body, being safe, and preventing health problems.
    • Comes with sing along musical selections that correlate with lesson material.
    • Softbound

Horizons Health Student Workbook Grade K 9780740315053

  • Over 40 perforated black-and-white student visuals and drawing activities (teacher-administered).
  • Perforated pages for easy removal.
  • Visually teach beginning health concepts: LIving in a family, getting along with others, taking care of body, being safe, and preventing health problems.
  • Hands-on activities such as coloring pictures, matching and identifying objects, cut-outs, and letter tracing.
  • Designed for 2-3 lessons per week.
  • Christian-based topics.

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Price $27.50

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