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HMH Social Studies Psychology 2018 Package

Provide Traditional Coverage of Psychology in a Complete Kit

NOTE: The HMH Psychology Homeschool Kit is out of print and no longer available.

Psychology Kit

HMH Psychology 2018 Kit.

HMH 2018 Psychology
Combination Print and 1-Year Digital Subscription Kit
Grades 9-12th

NOTE: This is a print and digital homeschool kit. Digital components come with a 1-year subscription. You will receive your digital access from hmh_digital_access@hmhco.com


2018 HMH Social Studies Psychology Homeschool Package

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN-13: 9780358062318

Written with a secular perspective, the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Psychology Homeschool Package ©2018 includes one of each of the following items [Details…]:

Student Edition Textbook 9780544859388

Offers comprehensive content coverage through an engaging narrative supported by compelling and instructive visuals.

Unit Features:

  • Unit Openers to preview upcoming material.
  • Careers in Psychology—profiles a career area in psychology and includes a short activity on writing with the APA style.
  • View 2018 Psychology Table of Contents

Chapter Features:

  • Chapter Openers
    • Case Study with either a real-world application or example of chapter content.
    • Chapter at a Glance summarized key points.
  • Chapter Reviews—Provides assessments and links to online features.

Section Features:

  • Main Ideas Statement, Reading Focus questions, Vocabulary terms, Taking Notes to record key ideas as you read, Psychology Close Up (an engaging story, example, or anecdote), Reading Check questions, Section Assessments.

Hands-On Activities:

  • Applying What You’ve Learned—Provide opportunities to complete individual group labs, simulations, and experiments.
  • Quick Labs—Help you learn and apply chapter content by completing a short activity.

(Hardcover, 744 Pages)

Teacher Edition 9780544859395

Focuses on planning and instructional support with a special emphasis on helping teachers balance their print and digital resources to maximize blended learning.

(Hardcover, 800 Pages)

Digital Access

(NOTE: These are not available for individual purchase yet. You need to purchase a Homeschool Kit for each student.)
The digital access portion includes one of each:

  • Online Student Resource Package
  • Online Teacher Resource Package 9780358243380

HMH Psychology 2018 Table of Contents

UNIT 1: Introduction to Psychology
1  What is Psychology?
2  Psychological Methods

UNIT 2 Body and Mind
3 Biology and Behavior
4 Sensation and Perception
5 Consciousness

UNIT 3 Learning and Cognition
6 Learning
7 Memory
8 Thinking and Language
9 Intelligence

UNIT 4 Development
10 Infancy and Childhood
11 Adolescence
12 Adulthood

UNIT 5 Personality
13 Motivation and Emotion
14 Theories of Personality
15 Psychological Tests
16 Gender Roles

UNIT 6 Health and Adjustment
17 Stress and Health
18 Psychological Disorders
19 Methods of Therapy

UNIT 7 Social Psychology
20 Social Cognition
21 Social Interaction


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