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2018 HMH American History Package 9780358062257

Traditional Coverage of United States History in a Complete Homeschool Kit for High School

Written with a secular perspective, the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt American History Homeschool Package ©2018 includes the Student Text, Online Student Resource Package, and Online Teacher Resource Package.

Homeschool Package

HMH American History Homeschool Package.

HMH American History
Homeschool Package
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN-13: 9780358062257
High School

NOTE: This is a print and digital homeschool kit. Digital components come with a 1-year subscription.
You will receive digital access from hmh_digital_access@hmhco.com.

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2018 HMH Social Studies American History Homeschool Package

The HMH American History Homeschool Package ©2018, a secular-based high school United States history curriculum, contains one of each of the following items:

Student Edition Textbook 9780544454194
Offers comprehensive content coverage through an engaging narrative supported by compelling and instructive visuals.

Digital Access Subscriptions (1-year) includes one of each item:
(NOTE: The digital access components are not available for individual purchase yet. You need to purchase a Homeschool Kit for each student.)

  • Online Student Resource Package 9780358243304
    The Online Student Edition resides on a responsive learning system, enabling it to function across operating systems and devices. Features:
    Audio—Provides support for struggling readers and auditory learners.
    Highlighting and Note-taking
    Access to Reading Study Guide, Interactives, and more.
  • Online Teacher Resource Package 9780358243328 
    1. Discover—Quickly access content and search program resources.
    2. Plans—Organize resources and create plans.
    3. Assignments—Create assignments and track progress of assignments.
    4. Data & Reports—Monitor student’s daily progress.

HMH American History 2018 Table of Contents

1 American Beginnings
2   The American Colonies
3   The American Revolution
4   The U.S. Constitution
5   A New Nation
6   Nationalism and Sectionalism
7   Opening the Frontier
8   Reform Movements
9   The Civil War
10  Reconstruction
11  Westward Expansion
12  Industrialization
13  Immigration and Urbanization
14  Progressivism

15  U.S. Imperialism
16  World War I
17  The Roaring Twenties
18  The Great Depression
19  The New Deal
20  World War II
21  The Cold War
22  The Postwar Boom
23  An Era of Social Change
24  Civil Rights
25  The Vietnam War
26  Transitions and Conservatism
27  Into a New Millennium
28  The United States in the 21st Century

Price $93.60

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