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BJU Press Geometry Homeschool Kit Grade 10

Looking For a Great Geometry Curriculum Geared to Teaching Your Child at Home?

Bob Jones University Press offers a Christian-based traditional textbook geometry course in a Homeschool Kit with everything you need for one student and one teacher.

BJU Press Geometry Kit

BJU Press Geometry Kit

Geometry Homeschool Kit

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BJU Press Geometry 4th Ed. Homeschool Kit

Publisher: BJU Press (Bob Jones University Press)

Item #BJU506170

This traditional geometry course requires students to prove theorems. Features include:

  • One lesson per chapter relates geometry to Scripture.
  • Proofs focus on the congruence of triangles and theorems about quadrilaterals but also deal with area, circles, space, volume, transformation, symmetry, and similarity.
  • I taught the Bob Jones Geometry. It reminds me of the way I was taught—way back when—before “new math”.

The BJU Press Geometry Subject Kit contains one of each of the following items:

  • Geometry Teacher’s Edition with CD (4th ed.) [#299123, ISBN-13: 9781606828953]
    • Full-color reduced student pages
    • Side and bottom margins contain:
      • Suggested Teaching Schedule
      • Additional Exercises
      • Full solutions to geometry proof and computational problems
      • Lesson objectives
      • Math vocabulary
      • Resources (from the Teacher’s Toolkit CD)
      • Suggestions for lesson presentation
      • Motivational ideas
      • Common student errors
      • Tips
    • Answers to cumulative review exercises
    • Assignment choices for three tracks: Standard, Extended, Minimum
  • Geometry Student Text (4th ed.) [#515858, ISBN-13: 9781606828946]    
    • Shading and color-coding to identify postulates, definitions, theorems, and constructions.
    • Exercises to develop problem-solving skills and to reinforce lessons
    • A biblically based text
    • “Dominion Thru Math” exercises
    • Analytic Geometry to connect algebra with geometry
    • Brain teasers
    • History of achievements famous mathematicians
  • Geometry Tests (4th ed.) [#299131, ISBN-13: 9781606828960]
    • Consumable for use with one student.
    • Provide assessment opportunities and immediate feedback.  
    • Multiple quizzes for each chapter
    • Chapter tests
    • Quarterly Exams
  • Geometry Tests Answer Key (4th ed.) [#299156, ISBN-13: 9781606828977]
    • Features easy grading by providing overprinted answers and complete step-by-step solutions to the test, quiz, and exam questions.

Grade 10

List $183.65

Price $137.70

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