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BJU Press Heritage Studies 5 Homeschool Kit

Traditional Christian Based History Course for 5th Grade

  • Study U.S. History from America’s First People to the Obama Administration.
  • Integrates civics, geography, history, economics, and culture.
  • Learn with maps, timelines, graphs, photos, art, and quick-check questions.
  • Includes some extended biographies and extended activities.
  • Presented from a Christian worldview.
  • Components are available in a homeschool kit for one student and one teacher.

History 5 Kit

Heritage Studies 5 Kit.

Heritage Studies 5
Complete Homeschool Kit

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BJU Press Heritage Studies 5 Homeschool Kit 4th Edition

Publisher: BJU Press (Bob Jones University Press)

Item #bju511873

The Bob Jones Heritage Studies 5 Homeschool Kit contains one of each of the following items:

  • Heritage Studies 5 Teacher’s Edition with CD (#500363, ISBN-13: 9781606829493) includes:
    • 180 lessons with lesson plans, additional information, links, and activities.
    • Full-color student pages are printed in a reduced size with teaching notes in the side and bottom margins.
    • Coordinates all the instructions and activities.
    • Each lesson includes a lesson focus, objectives, vocabulary, and discussion ideas.
    • The Teacher Toolkit CD includes:
      • Worksheets, interactive visuals, maps, and rubrics to grade activities and projects.
      • Materials list, quizzes, teaching visuals, additional background information, and instructional aids.
  • Student Text for Heritage Studies 5 (#523472, ISBN-13: 9781606829332)
    • Integrates civics, culture, economics, geography, government, and history with a biblical worldview.
    • It includes artwork, maps, graphs, historical photos, short biographies, activities, and quick-check questions.
    • A Resource Treasury at the back of the book includes an atlas, a gazetteer, a biographical dictionary, a glossary, and an index.
  • Heritage Studies 5 Student Activity Manual (#500371, ISBN-13: 9781606829486)
    • Has full-color pages for review and to enrich the lessons
    • Includes Primary Sources, expansion pages, sections for comparing worldviews, study guides, and chapter reviews.
    • The project will be designing a lap book of the Civil War.
    • The Answer Key is available on the Teacher’s Toolkit CD
  • Heritage Studies 5 Student Activity Manual Answer Key 4th Edition (#507400, ISBN-13: 9781628562750)
    Provides overprinted answers of Heritage Studies 5 Student Activities Manual for convenient grading and evaluating student progress.
  • Heritage Studies 5 Tests (#500389, ISBN-13: 9781606829509)
    Includes one test per chapter and cover the most important concepts from each lesson with a variety of question types—true-false, fill-in-the-blank, matching, and short answer.
  • Tests Answer Key for Heritage Studies 5 (#500405, ISBN-13: 9781606829516)
    Includes an exact copy of the student tests with answers overprinted for easy grading.

Grade 5

List $192.67

Price $144.50

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