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BJU Press Heritage Studies 3 Homeschool Kit

Traditional Christian Based History Course for 3rd Grade

  • Integrate Civics, Culture, Economics, Geography, and History
  • Components are available separately or in a homeschool kit for one student and one teacher.

History 3 Kit

BJU Press Heritage Studies 3 Kit
Heritage Studies 3 Kit 3rd Edition

BJU Press Heritage Studies 3 Homeschool Kit 3rd Edition

Publisher: (# Press (Bob Jones University Press)

Item #bju511717

Bob Jones Heritage Studies 3 covers United States history from the Constitutional Convention through the Civil War.

The Heritage Studies 3 Homeschool Kit with CD 3rd Ed. contains one of each of the following items:

  • Heritage Studies 3 Teachers Edition with CD (#287292, ISBN-13: 978606824801) features:
    • 90 lessons
    • Chapters include an introduction, chapter focus, and lesson plan overview that coordinates the TE with the student books
    • Lessons include an opener, lesson focus, an overview, objectives, materials, new vocabulary words, and teaching notes
    • Ideas for discussion  hands-on activities
    • Teacher’s Toolkit CD with:
      • Activities, maps, graphs, and visuals
      • Materials list
      • An Answer Key for the Student Activity Manual.
  • Student Text for Heritage Studies 3 (#287243, ISBN-13: 9781-606824771) 
    • Integrates civics, culture, economics, geography, and history with a Christian worldview perspective.
    • Studies the role of significant Christians in American history
    • Has these features to enhance learning:
      • Primary source documents
      • Patriotic songs
      • Eye-catching artwork, maps, graphs, photos
      • Review questions
      • Extended hands-on activities
  • Heritage Studies 3 Student Activity Manual (#287250, ISBN-13: 9781606824788) has:
    • Full-color pages
    • Reinforcement pages
    • Map skills
    • Study skills
    • Bible Connections
    • Chapter reviews
  • Tests for Heritage Studies 3 (Tests only) (#287300, ISBN-13: 9781606824818)  include a test for each chapter in the student text.
  • Heritage Studies 3 Tests Answer Key (#287326, ISBN-13: 9781606824825)  has answers printed in a bold font over and exact copy of the student tests for easy grading.

Grade 3

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