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Master Books Science Grades 7th-12th

Creation-based Science Curriculum Packages with a Christian Viewpoint

Some of these courses explain the difference between the theory of evolution and the creation account. Any of the books used in these courses make excellent resources for your homeschool science library.

Intro to Astronomy.

Intro to Astronomy
Grades 7-8

General Science 1.

General Science 1
Grades 7-12

Wonders of Creation Set.

Wonders of Creation
Grades 7-12

General Science 2.

General Science 2
Grades 7-12

Survey of Science History and Concepts.

Survey of Science
Grades 9-12

Advanced Pre-Med.

Advanced Pre-Med Studies
Grades 9-12

Survey of Astronomy.

Survey of Astronomy
Grades 9-12

Life Science: Origins & Scientific Theory.

Life Science Origins
Grades 9-12

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