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Advanced Pre-Med Studies 9780890517673

Advanced Pre-Med Studies is a challenging course and a great option for high school students who plan to study medicine.

Advanced Pre-Med Studies Curriculum Package

Master Books Advanced Pre-Med Studies 9780890517673.
Advanced Pre-Med Studies

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Advanced Pre-Med Studies Curriculum Pack

By Gary Parker, John Hudson Tiner, and Alan L. Gillen,
Publisher: Master Books

ISBN-13: 9780890517673

Features of the Advanced Pre-Med Studies

  • Easy-to-Use and flexible Teacher Guide helps you schedule this course.
  • Combines Exploring the History of Medicine, Body by Design, Genesis of Germs, Building Blocks of Life Science with a Teacher Guide for a one year course.
  • Earn one-year of credit in Advanced Pre-Med Science
  • Alternative course names include Foundations of Medical Science, Life Science, Medial Science, or Genetics, Biology and Life Science
  • Teaches creation-based science with a Christian viewpoint
  • The Teacher Guide has suggested weekly schedule, quizzes, tests and answer keys.
  • Add additional science labs at your option.
  • An academically challenging course that requires good reading comprehension and critical thinking skills

The Advanced Pre-Med Studies Package includes one of each of the following items.

  • The Teacher Guide for Advanced Pre-Med Studies 9781683440048 The complete three-hole punched Teacher Guide includes:
    • Weekly Lesson Schedule
    • Quizzes and Answer Key
    • Perforated pages for easy handout
    • Student worksheets
    • Answer Key
    • View samples at the publisher’s website: Advanced Pre-Med Studies Teach
  • Building Blocks in Life Science (From Genes & Genesis to Science & Scripture), your student will delve deeper into biology and God’s amazing design of life. It covers in-depth topics such as genes and Genesis, role of natural selection, embryonic development, DNA and the magnificent origins of life. It features:
    • Refutes the evolutionary worldview that life simply evolved by chance
    • Provides insights and clarity to patterns of order in living things, including the promise of healing and new birth in Christ
    • Has a study page at the end of each chapter for testing comprehension
    • Helps students know how to defend their faith scientifically.
    • View a sample at the publisher’s website: Sample Building Blocks in Life Science
  • The Genesis of Germs 9780890514931 is a creation microbiology book. It describes microbes in a fallen world. Features include:
    • Focuses on the spread of germs and diseases caused by sin’s corruption
    • Captures “the essence of the original good design of microbes by the Creator.”
    • Covers the genesis of particular diseases and modern-day plagues
    • Describes the world of microbes and how they cause disease
    • Includes biographical information of famous microbe “explorers.”
    • Chapter questions and critical thinking questions are included at the end of the book.
    • View a sample at the publisher’s website: Genesis of Germs Sample
  • The Body by Design: The Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body 9780890512968:
    • Defines the basic anatomy and physiology in each of the 11 body systems from a creational viewpoint
    • Examines different organs and structures giving evidence for theistic design in every chapter
    • Highlights the interwoven complexity between the body systems focus sections
    • Challenges students to think through the evidence—the facts as we know them today—and to consider the statistical likelihood of macro-evolution.
    • Is an effective, interwoven presentation of anatomy, physiology, and creation
    • View a sample at the publisher’s website: Sample Body By Design
  • Exploring the History of Medicine 9780890512487 takes a look at medical practices from the ancient past to the present, including biographical sketches of famous persons of medicine. Features include:
    • Study questions at the end of each chapter
    • Dozens of illustrations
    • Introduces students to the study of medicine
    • Suitable for family study and discussion
    • Shows “the hand of God throughout the development of modern medicine from the ancient Greeks to the modern laboratories.”
    • Preview Exploring the History of Medicine: Sample Exploring the History of Medicine

Grades: 9th to 12th, one year advanced pre-med studies course

List $95.95

Price $75.99

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