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Wonders of Creation Science Set 9780890519639

Teach Natural Science with a Biblical Creation Perspective

Study of the wonders of God’s wonderful creation for grades 7-12.

Wonders of Creation Set

Wonders of Creation 9-Book Set.

Wonders of Creation 9-Book Set
Publisher: Master Books

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Wonders of Creation 9-Book Set

Publisher: Master Books
ISBN-13: 9780890519639

The Wonders of Creation 9-Book Set is an excellent addition to your homeschool science library. In addition to being excellent reference books, each of these books in used in another Master Books science course.

  • With the Teacher Guide, the Wonders of Creation books become homeschool science courses.
  • Master Books makes it easy and economical for parents to teach science at home.

The Wonders of Creation 9-Book Set includes one of each of the following best-selling books from the popular series.

The Archaeology Book 978089515730

  • Study the archeology of Egypt, Hittites, Chaldeans, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Petra, the Phoenicians, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and Israel.
  • Learn with a Biblical view: What does an archeologist do, what do they find, and why is it important.

New Astronomy Book 9780890518342

  • Discover ways to observe the heavens.
  • Learn about astronomy with up-to-date astronomical data and concepts.
  • Find what we know and want to discover about planets, moons, and comets within our solar system.
  • Learn about the dynamics of planets, stars, galaxies, and models for the cosmology of the universe.

The Cave Book 9780890514962

  • Take an educational journey through caves to discover beautiful formations, unique animals, and thriving ecology.
  • Learn about cave formation, the history of cave usage, unusual cave animals, caves in mythology, ice cave formation, cave exploration and hazards, and more.
  • Based on a creation science perspective.

The Ecology Book 9780890517017
Study the relationship between living organisms and our place in God’s wondrous creation!

  • The pictures in this book are stunning and capture your attention. I wanted to read and learn more about this subject, particularly because this “politically correct” topic is explained from a Godly perspective. We are to be good stewards of God’s earth after all.
  • With a biblical view, your homeschool student will learn about ecology and will:
    • Study the intricate relationship between living organisms and our place in God’s wondrous creation
    • Examine important words and concepts related to ecology
    • Learn about influential scientists and their work
    • Gain understanding of practical aspects of stewardship
    • Investigate ecological interactions and connection in creation.
  • The multi-level Ecology Book is aimed at three groups: grades 5-6, 7-8, and 9-11.
    • Each level is color coded.
    • Fifth and sixth graders read level 1 information.
    • Homeschool students in grades 7 and 8 study levels one and two.
    • Homeschool high school students study all three levels for the most benefit.
  • Preview a sample at the publisher’s website.
  • Full-color illustrations and pictures with 96 pages.
  • Grades 5-11 with a multi-age design for different grades.

The Fossil Book 9780890514382

  • Learn about fossils: How were they formed? Where are they found? How old are they? How are they extracted?
  • Answers questions such as how coal and oil are formed, how the Grand Canyon was created, how to interpret the geologic column from a creationist perspective, and how to identify various fossils.
  • Refutes the horse and whale evolutionary models and explains the four Cs of biblical creation and compares this model with evolution’s model of time, chance, struggle, and death.
  • Filled with scores of full-color photos and illustrations.
  • Explains everything about fossils from a creationist perspective.
  • Demonstrates the shortcomings of the evolutionary model of fossils.
  • Includes scientific answers to the puzzling questions about fossils that even non-scientists can understand.

The Geology Book 9780890512814

  • Learn about the rocks and sediments hold our little planet together.
  • Take a tour of the earth’s crust and see the natural beauty and scientific evidence for creation.
  • Presents an accurate view of earth’s natural history.
  • Beautiful illustrations and photographs.

The Mineral Book 9780890518021

  • Learn about mineralogy.
  • Discover the properties of minerals, where they can be found, and how they are used.
  • Includes a full-color pull-out poster.

The New Ocean Book 9780890519059

  • Answers questions about the ocean.
  • Brings the murky, mysterious depths of the ocean to life with full-color photos, charts, graphs, and illustrations.
  • Contains many scripture references where God speaks about the oceans in His Word.

The New Weather Book 9780890518618

  • Study meteorology starting with the “big picture,” our place in space.
  • Explains how each of the various weather conditions play a role in our daily lives.
  • Learn how thunderstorms build, hurricanes are formed, tornadoes destroy, and about crazy weather phenomenon.
  • Safety tips are given for dangerous weather situations.
  • Instructions for building a home weather station.

Grades 5-12

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