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General Science 2 Geology & Archaeology Survey 9780890519677

A one-year science course for grades 7-12

Navigate the General Science 2 course with your student with the help of the easy-to-use Teacher Guide.

General Science 2 Curriculum Package

Master Books General Science 2 Curriculum Package 9780890519677.
General Science 2
Curriculum Package


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General Science II Curriculum Package

By David Down, Dr. John Morris, Dr. Emil Siverstru, Publisher: Master Books

ISBN-13: 9780890519677

Survey four science subjects—Archaeology, Geology, Speleology, and Paleontology—in Master Books General Science 2 Course.

  • Learn with the Wonders of Creation books: The Archaeology Book, The Geology Book, The Fossil Book, and The Cave Book as the texts.
  • Plan and teach with the General Science 2 Teacher Guide.
  • Complete a one-year science course for seventh to twelfth grades.
  • Assign one credit of high school science upon completion of coursework 

The General Science II Curriculum Package includes one of each of the following books.

Teacher Guide 9780890519660 Plan and teach a one-year science curriculum for high school with this three-hole punched guide.

  • Includes an easy-to-follow, one-year educational calendar
  • Helpful worksheets, quizzes, tests, and answer keys
  • Perforated pages for easy handout
  • Additional teaching helps and insights
  • Complete with all you need to quickly and easily begin your home education meteorology and astronomy!
  • Sample from Teacher’s Guide

The Archaeology Book 978089515730 Study the archeology of Egypt, Hittites, Chaldeans, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Petra, the Phoenicians, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and Israel.

  • With a biblical view, your homeschool student will learn what an archeologist does, what they find, and why it is important.
  • The multi-level Archaeology Book is aimed at three groups: grades 5-6, 7-8, and 9-11.
  • Each level is color-coded. Fifth and sixth graders read level 1 information.
  • Homeschool students in grades 7 and 8 study levels one and two.
  • Homeschool high school students study all three levels for the most benefit.
  • Sample from The Archaeology Book
  • Full-color illustrations and pictures, 96 pages.
  • Grades 5-11 with a multi-age design for different grade levels.

The Cave Book 9780890514962 Takes you on an educational journey through caves to discover beautiful formations, unique animals, and thriving ecology.

  • Learn about cave formation, history of cave usage, unusual cave animals, caves in mythology, ice cave formation, cave exploration and hazards, and more, all from a creation science perspective.
  • Sample from The Cave Book
  • Middle and high school speleology

The Fossil Book 9780890514382 The exciting story of fossils: How were they formed? Where are they found? How old are they? How are they extracted?

  • Explains how coal and oil are formed, how the Grand Canyon was created, how to interpret the geologic column from a creationist perspective, and how to identify various fossils.
  • It refutes the horse and whale evolutionary models.
  • Explains the four Cs of biblical creation and compares this model with evolution’s model of time, chance, struggle, and death.
  • Full-color photos and illustrations.
  • Explains everything about fossils from a creationist perspective.
  • Demonstrates the shortcomings of the evolutionary model of fossils. Dr. Gary Parker relies upon not only a thorough education of paleontology but also many years of experience in the field to pen this scholarly work.
  • Here are the scientific answers to the puzzling questions about fossils that even non-scientists can understand.
  • Sample from The Fossil Book
  • Middle and high school science

The Geology Book 9780890512814 Whether jutting skyward or languishing in the murky depths of the deep, rocks and sediments hold our little planet together.

  • Creationist author Dr. John Morris takes the reader on a tour of the earth’s crust, pointing out both the natural beauty and the scientific evidence for creation.
  • Profusely illustrated, this book presents an accurate view of earth’s natural history.
  • Sample from The Geology Book
  • Middle and high school science

One year science program. Based on the number of hours of coursework, you can give from 1/2 to 1 credit for high school.

Grades 7-12

List $102.95

Price $81.99

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