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Sing Spell Read Write Reading Kits

Homeschoolers Successfully Use SSRW to Teach Reading at Home

Teach reading, writing, and spelling with Sing, Spell, Read, Write Kits. [Read more…]

Sing Spell Read and Write Homeschool Kits

Sing Spell Read Write Preschool.
Preschool Kit
Sing Spell Read Write K-1 Combo Kit.
K-Grade 1 Combo Kit
Grades K-1st
Sing Spell Read Write Level 1 Kit.
Level 1
First Grade
SSRW Grand Tour Level 2 Kit.
Grand Tour Kit
After Level 1
WINNING Home Tutoring Kit.
WINNING Home Tutoring Kit
Grades 4-8+
Sing Spell Read Write Replacement Components.
Replacement Components
Books, Assessments, Etc.

Features of Sing Spell Read Write

  • Motivate your student with visuals, phonics songs, and games
  • Address various learning styles with the multi-sensory approach
  • Teach one student with a complete kit for that level
  • Consumable student books are available for additional students
  • Written by Sue Dixon and now published by Pearson
  • It has an excellent track record among veteran homeschools
  • Easy-to-use for homeschool parents

The Best Buy for Sing Spell Read & Write

If you have two students in K and 1st and need all the phonics instruction helps, then I recommend the Sing Spell Read and Write Kindergarten-Grade 1 Combo.

It has everything for one student for both grades. You can purchase additional student books (recommend buying what you need when you buy the kit as editions can change.) It has a “treasure chest” with little prizes like the ones you can replace at places like Oriental Trading Company. 

This is a great program with a proven track record among homeschoolers. If it’s your first time teaching reading or you want a reading program with everything ready to go, choose Sing Spell Read and Write.

Both children will hear each other’s phonics songs. It’s a nice review when the older child hears the kindergarten songs and a headstart for the younger child listening to the 1st-grade songs. They like the prizes—it’s fun and helps with motivation. It provides a thorough phonics foundation and reading practice.

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