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Savvas Essentials Foundational Reading Grades K-2

Print and Online Package for Teaching Supplemental Foundational Reading Skills

Give homeschooling students a strong start in reading by targeting concepts of print, phonological awareness, phonics and the teaching of high-frequency words, and fluency. Supplement your reading program with Foundational Reading. [Features]

Savvas Essentials Foundational Reading K-2 Homeschool Bundles-Featured.

Savvas Essentionals Foundational Reading Homeschool Bundles K-2

For what this bundle offers, you get a lot of reading essentials and practice for the price! Each lesson has a little book to read online and/or to print! Foundational Reading can be used to supplement your reading program, but I think you can also use it as a starter reading program. If your child learns to read with it, great. If not, then invest in a more intensive reading program. I checked out the online portion of the bundle. I’d say once you learn how it is formatted, it will be easy to use. Each of the 10 modules have five lessons. Each lesson takes 5-days. There is a Planning and Pacing Guide for each grade that breaks it down for the teacher. For $28.97 per bundle, it’s an exceptional bargain!

Foundational Reading K

Savvas Essentials Foundational Reading K Homeschool Bundle.
Savvas Essentials

Foundational Reading 1

Savvas Essentials Foundational Reading 1 Homeschool Bundle.
Savvas Essentials

Foundational Reading 2

Savvas Essentials Foundational Reading 2 Homeschool Bundle.
Savvas Essentials

Features of Savvas Essentials Foundational Reading Homeschool Bundles for K-2nd Grades

  • Print student book plus a one-year online digital subscription.
  • Supports anytime, anywhere learning for homeschooling with Savvas Realize.
  • Frequent opportunities to practice skills both in print and online.
  • See the Scope & Sequence Brochure for Foundational Reading.
  • Check out a Free Phonics Lesson.
  • Request a Sample of Savvas Essentials Foundational Reading [Choose “Homeschool Teacher” when prompted.
  • General Information About Savvas Realize™ Platform for Homeschool Bundles with a digital subscription.
  • Links to tips and tutorials as well as information about the Savvas Homeschool Digital Access Card that comes with a homeschool bundle when it includes digital access.
  • Each of the 10 modules have five lessons. Each lesson takes 5-days.
  • There is a Planning and Pacing Guide for each grade that breaks it down for the teacher.

Features of a Reading Phonics Lesson

  • Provides teachers with direct, multisensory instruction to teach foundational reading skills.
  • Includes systematic modeling of the skill and help teachers guide practice of the skill.
  • Gives a wealth of print and digital practice options, purposefully designed for the foundational reading skill students are learning.
  • Includes two print practice options for every Foundational Reading lesson that specifically focus on skills best supported by print practice: decoding, encoding, and sight word reading.
  • Includes two unique digital practice options focused on skills best supported by digital practice: phonics and high-frequency words.
  • Generates customized worksheets from pre-built templates with the Savvas Practice Generator.
  • Provides as much additional practice as your student needs with a specific skill, customized for individual learner
  • Concludes with a pre-built exit ticket for every lesson to assess the student’s understanding of the day’s lesson.

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