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Savvas Essentials Foundational Reading Homeschool Bundle Gr. 1

Print and Online Package for Teaching Foundational Reading Skills

Give homeschool first grade students a strong start in reading by targeting concepts of print, phonological awareness, phonics and the teaching of high-frequency words, and fluency. [Features]

Grade 1 Homeschool Bundle

Savvas Essentials Foundational Reading 1 Homeschool Bundle.
1st Grade Bundle
Savvas Learning Company
ISBN-13: 9781418832421

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Foundational Reading Homeschool Package for 1st Grade

Publisher: Savvas Learning Company

ISBN-13: 9781418832421

The Savvas Essentials Foundational Reading Homeschool Print and Digital Access 1-Year Grade 1 Student Edition includes one of each item:

  • Foundational Reading 2023 Student Edition Worktext Grade 1 [9781418364212]-a print student edition worktext.
  • HOMESCHOOL DIGITAL ACCESS CARD [9780328972609] for a one-year digital subscription for Savvas Realize.

Features of Savvas Essentials Foundational Reading First Grade Homeschool Bundle

Features of a Foundational Reading 1st Grade Phonics Lesson

  • Provides teachers with direct, multisensory instruction to teach foundational reading skills.
  • Includes systematic modeling of the skill and help teachers guide practice of the skill.
  • Gives a wealth of print and digital practice options, purposefully designed for the foundational reading skill students are learning.
  • Includes two print practice options for every Foundational Reading lesson that specifically focus on skills best supported by print practice: decoding, encoding, and sight word reading.
  • Includes two unique digital practice options focused on skills best supported by digital practice: phonics and high-frequency words.
  • Generates customized worksheets from pre-built templates with the Savvas Practice Generator.
  • Provides as much additional practice as your student needs with a specific skill, customized for individual learner
  • Concludes with a pre-built exit ticket for every lesson to assess the student’s understanding of the day’s lesson.

Grade 1 covers these phonics:

  • Consonants: Mm /m/, Ss /s/, Tt /t/; Cc /k/, Pp /p/, Nn /n/, Ff /f/, Bb /b/, Gg /g/, Dd /d/, Ll /l/, Hh /h/, Rr /r/, Yy /y/, Zz /z/; Qu, qu /kw/; Final Xx /ks/, Ss /s/ and /z/, Cc /s/ and Gg /j/
  • Vowels: Aa /a/, Ii /i/, Oo /o/, Uu /u/,
  • Initial Consonant Blends
  • Consonant Patterns: -ck, -ng, -nk,
  • Final Consonant Blends
  • Consonant Digraphs: sh, th, wh, ch, and Trigraph -tch
  • Three-Letter Blends: Long a: VCe, Long i: VCe, Long o: VCe, Long u: VCe, Long e: VCe,
  • Long Vowels: ai, ay, e, ea, ee, o, oa, ow, oe,
  • Vowel Teams: ue, ew, ui
  • Vowel Digraph: oo
  • Vowel Sound: in ball: a, al, aw, in Foot: oo, u
  • Diphthongs: oi, oy, ou, ow
  • r-Controlled Vowels: or, ore, ar, er, ir, ur
  • Contractions
  • Words Ending in: -s, -es, -ing, -ed
  • Compound Words
  • Syllable Patterns: VC/CV, V/CV, VC/V, -le
  • Count Vowel Sounds

Grade: First

List $34.00

Price $27.49

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