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Saxon Teacher Goes Digital

Good News! Teach Every Lesson and Work Every Problem

Saxon Teacher teaches every lesson in Saxon Math for you—From Saxon Math 5/4 to Advanced Math, it demonstrates every problem. Saxon Teacher is compatible with Mac and Windows. [Features…]

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Update: Saxon Teacher is Going Digital!

Take the Worry Out of Teaching Homeschool Math with Saxon Teacher Instruction

It’s nice when a solid homeschool math program has teacher lessons that work out every problem in the text and on the tests. Watch the Saxon teacher demonstrate the solution to every problem—no more waiting for help. Learning to work independently is excellent preparation for college.

Saxon Teacher Lesson Preview.
Here’s a screenshot of an actual sample lesson from Saxon Teacher for Math 8/7.

Save lots of precious teacher time with the online digital instruction—especially if math isn’t your strength. Focus your teaching time where it is needed.

It is cost-effective because you can use it for all your children! Starting with Saxon Algebra ½ through Saxon Advanced Math, you won’t need to buy the Solutions Manual!

Start the program and navigate to the lesson and watch the teacher. Your student will work at his pace. Play and stop the lesson as needed. It’s that easy.

What’s Nice about the Saxon Teacher Lessons?

  • Comprehensive instruction on each lesson.
  • User-friendly Digital format (1-year license.)
  • Step-by-step solutions to every example problem, practice problem, problem set, and test problem.
  • It includes videos for each investigation.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac!
  • Digital licenses (one-year subscription) are available for Saxon 54 through Saxon Advanced Math!

Harriet Yoder

Saxon Teacher Digital Subscriptions at Lamp Post Homeschool

Saxon Teacher Math 6/5 Digital License.
Saxon Teacher Math 7/6 Digital License.
Saxon Teacher Math 8/7 Digital License.
Saxon Teacher Algebra 1/2 Digital 1-Year Subscription.
Saxon Teacher Algebra 1 Digital 1-Year Subscription.
Saxon Teacher Geometry Online Digital.
Saxon Teacher Algebra 2 Digital 1-Year Subscription.
Saxon Teacher Advanced Math Digital.
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