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Savvas Plaid Phonics K-6 Program

Integrates Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking Into a Phonics-Based Reading Program for Kindergarten to 6th Grade

  • Also integrates word-study and writing skills into the program.
  • Can be used to supplement any reading program.
  • Workbooks are printed in color.
  • View the Plaid Phonics Parent Guide at the publisher’s website.
  • Content hasn’t changed, it was formerly called Modern Curriculum Press (MCP) Plaid Phonics.
Savvas Plaid Phonics 2011 Homeschool Bundle Level K
Plaid Phonics Level K
Savvas Learning Company
ISBN-13: 9781428439689
Savvas Plaid Phonics Level A Homeschool Bundle.
Plaid Phonics Level A
Savvas Learning Company
ISBN-13: 9781428439696
Grade 1
Savvas Press Plaid Phonics 2011 Homeschool Bundle Level B.
Plaid Phonics Level B
Savvas Learning Company
ISBN-13: 9781428439702
Grade 2
Savvas Plaid Phonics 2011 Homeschool Bundle Level C.
Plaid Phonics Level C
Savvas Learning Company
ISBN-13: 9781428439719
Grade 3
Savvas Plaid Phonics Level D.
Plaid Phonics Level D
Savvas Learning Company
ISBN-13: 9781428439726
Grade 4
Savvas Plaid Phonics 2011 Homeschool Bundle Level E.
Plaid Phonics Level E
Savvas Learning Company
ISBN-13: 9781428439733
Grade 5
Savvas Plaid Phonics 2011 Homeschool Bundle Level F.
Plaid Phonics Level F
Savvas Learning Company
ISBN-13: 9781428439740
Grade 6

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