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Explode the Code Workbooks

Economical and Homeschool Friendly Phonics Workbooks

Supplement any reading program or teach reading if you are familiar with phonics. We had phonics experience and worked one-on-one with each child to learn to read with Explode the Code workbooks.

Explode the Code 1-2.

Explode the Code 1 & 2
Workbooks & Teacher

Explode the Code 3-4.

Explode the Code 3 & 4
Workbooks & Teacher

Explode the Code 5-6.

Explode the Code 5 & 6
Workbooks & Teacher

Explode the Code 7-8.

Explode the Code 7 & 8
Workbooks & Teacher

Features of Explode the Code Series

  • If you aren’t sure where to place your student, there is a Placement Test.
    • Or if you know which sounds the student needs to learn, then you can look at the list of sounds covered in each book to choose the best level.
    • Choose the easier level if the results are close. Success breeds success. When a student is struggling with a subject, there is nothing like doing it successfully. Doing an easier level at first is a good way to get used to the formatting of the workbooks.
  • There’s a reason the pictures are goofy and look as if a child drew them.
    • No guessing what the picture is about!
    • Your student has to read to answer correctly.
  • As you work one-on-one with your child on each page, you can teach, reinforce, and praise your child’s handwriting, spelling, and reading skills.
  • For the child who likes to learn with flashcards, Code Cards are available.
  • For the child who needs more practice and review, the Explode the Code®  ½ level workbooks are available.
  • According to the publisher’s website, Explode the Code Phonics Workbooks aligns to the Common Core State Standards.
    • Note: if you are opposed to the CCS, please take our word that the workbooks themselves haven’t changed enough to reject them because they meet those standards. Changes in the workbooks have improved them. (like half-dot lines added for answers in Book 1, for example.)
  • Before your student starts in Explode the Code Books 1 to 8, he should know the consonants and their sounds.

Placement Test

Explode the Code Placement Tests.

Explode the Code Placement Tests for Books A-C and 1-8
2nd Edition

Price $23.85

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Explode the Code Placement Tests for Books A-C and 1-8

Publisher: Educators Publishing Service, School Specialty

ISBN-13: 9780838878255

The Explode the Code Placement Tests are a “quick assessment designed to help teachers place their students in the appropriate level of the series. The tests assess the skills presented in the series.”

“The results of the tests can also point to specific skill areas where students need improvement. This resource describes four tests and two optional along with instructions for administration, scoring, and analysis. It includes reproducible test forms and summary sheets.”

Grades K-4

Price $23.85

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Code Cards

Explode the Code Cards.

Explode the Code Cards 9780838878248

Price $12.75

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Explode the Code Cards

Publisher: Educators Publishing Service, School Specialty

ISBN-13: 9780838878248

The Code Cards have word pictures and letters for Books 1 to 3, including the 1/2 levels, are index card size in black and white.

Grades K-4

Price $12.75

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Explode the Code® is a registered trademark of EPS School Specialty.

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