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Beyond the Code Reading Comprehension

Provide Additional Reading, Writing, and Spelling Practice in a Fun Workbook Format

Beyond the Code features workbook with decodable stories that correspond to Explode the Code Workbooks 1-4. [Read more…]

Workbooks Bundle

Beyond the Code Bundle.

Beyond the Code Bundle

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Beyond the Code Workbooks Bundle

Publisher: Educators Publishing Service Literacy and Intervention, School Specialty

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The Beyond the Code Bundle includes one each of the following workbooks:

  • Beyond the Code 1 ISBN-13: 9780838824016
    Workbook 1 contains three illustrated stories and various related exercises.
  • Beyond the Code 2 ISBN-13: 9780838824023
    Workbook 2 has seven illustrated stories and accompanying exercises.
  • Beyond the Code 3 ISBN-13: 9780838824030
    BTC Workbook 3 includes five illustrated stories with the related exercises listed below.
  • Beyond the Code 4 ISBN-13: 9780838824047
    There are contains six illustrated stories with accompanying exercises in Beyond the Code Workbook 4

Grades 2-4


  • Books 1 through 4 are the comprehension and reasoning companion books for Explode the Code books.
  • Beyond the Code may also be used independently.
  • Each book in the Beyond the Code Reading Comprehension Series has different stories.
  • Introductory exercises teach word families and vocabulary.
  • Follow-up questions develop students’ understanding of the stories and encourage their reasoning abilities.
  • After each story, students can complete illustrations by adding their own drawings.
  • According to the publisher’s website, Beyond the Code is aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

Skills covered include:

  • Spelling Patterns
  • Sight words
  • Vocabulary development
  • Sequencing
  • Categorizing
  • Following directions
  • Critical thinking
  • Story recall
  • Inferential Thinking
  • Rhyming Words
  • Multi-syllabic words
  • Matching sentences to pictures

List $42.50

Price $39.99

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