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Explode the Code 7-8 CLEARANCE

Affordable Homeschool-Friendly Phonics Workbooks

  • Explode the Code 7-8 Workbooks will supplement any reading program.
  • Use after completing Level 6.
  • Levels 7 and 8 have reading comprehension exercises.
  • The Teacher’s Guide 7-8 has lesson plans, teaching suggestions, and answers to the exercises and posttests.
  • Explode the Code Phonics Workbooks align to the Common Core State Standards. (According to the publisher’s website)
  • We think they are a great option for homeschool beginning readers.
  • Work on phonics daily.
    • If your student seems frustrated, break up the lesson into two or three short sessions in one day.

Workbook 7

Explode the Code 7 Workbook.

Student Workbook
Explode the Code 7, 2nd Edition

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Explode the Code 7 Workbook, 2nd Edition

Publisher: EPS Literacy and Intervention, School Specialty

ISBN-13: 9780838878071

Explode the Code 7 Workbook covers soft c and g; ear; words with ei and eigh; silent letters –dge, –mb, kn-, wr-, silent t, silent h, and ph.

Once your child has passed Books 5 and 6, the reading gets easier.

At least that’s the way it was for our children who used the Explode the Code series.

The 6 youngest children used them with great success.

Workbook 7 adds crossword puzzles and some reading comprehension paragraphs to the activities.

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Workbook 8

Explode the Code 8 Workbook.

Student Workbook
Explode the Code 8

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Explode the Code 8 Workbook, 2nd Edition

Publisher: EPS Literacy and Intervention, School Specialty
ISBN-13: 9780838878088

Explode the Code 8 Workbook covers common suffixes and endings such as –ness, –less, –ous, –or, –ist, –ity, –ture, –ment, –able, –ible, –sion, –tion, –ance, –ence, –tive, –sive, –ity, –ize, –ti-, and –ci-.

Book 8 has a comprehension reading and activity in every lesson.

Even though the child may be able to do most of the exercises in Book 8 with less help than the previous books, it still helps to stay one-on-one as he does the work.

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Teacher’s Guide 7-8

Explode the Code 7-8 Teacher.

Teacher Guide
Explode the Code 7-8 2nd Edition
Publisher: EPS Literacy and Intervention, School Specialty
ISBN-13: 9780838878187

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Explode the Code 7-8 Teacher Guide, 2nd Edition

The Explode the Code 7-8 Teacher’s Guide is very helpful:

  • If you haven’t taught reading or phonics before
  • If you need extra teaching help for different learning needs and styles
  • If you want the answers to the student workbook exercises and the posttests

The Teacher’s Guide for Books 7 & 8 has the following features:

  • Options for instruction and reinforcement of each lesson
  • Each lesson plan uses the same easy format:
    • Quick Review of the previous concepts
    • Phonological/Phonemic Awareness instruction to help students with the sounds in spoken words. In Book 4 your student will also identify syllables in words.
    • Phonics to learn the sound-symbol relationship
    • Vocabulary learn new words and identify sight words
    • Completing Student Pages directions for the workbook pages
    • Comprehension activities to build comprehension
    • Fluency reading practice to work on pronunciation, intonation, and speed
    • Writing writing practice
    • Differentiating Instruction suggestions to help with different learning styles and needs
    • Key answers to Student Book Exercises and posttests for Books 7 and 8

Price $10.55

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Explode the Code® is a registered trademark of EPS School Specialty.

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