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HMH United States Government 2018 Package

Provide Traditional Coverage of Government in a Complete Homeschool Kit

Written with a secular perspective, the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Government Homeschool Package ©2018 includes the Student Text, Teacher Edition, Online Student Resource Package, and Online Teacher Resource Package.

Homeschool Package

2018 HMH United States Government Homeschool Kit.

US Government
HMH Homeschool Kit.

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2018 HMH Social Studies US Government Homeschool Package

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN-13: 9780358062295

The HMH United States Government Homeschool Package ©2018, a secular-based economics curriculum, contains one of each of the following items:

Student Edition Textbook 9780544742680
Offers comprehensive content coverage through an engaging narrative supported by compelling and instructive visuals and features:

  • View 2018 Government Table of Contents.
  • Part 1: Essentials of United States Government
  • Part 2: Interactive United States Government
  • Why It Matters
  • Real-World Examples
  • Connecting to the Constitution: We the People and What Do You Think are side margin features that promote critical thinking and foster participation skills.
  • Landmark Supreme Court Case Studies—Study 25 landmark Supreme Court cases to learn how those cases still affect us today.
  • Debating the Issue—presents opposing viewpoints that frame a debate for student to explore with “What is Your Opinion?” assessment questions.
  • Case Studies—Illustrate concepts with real-world examples.
  • Primary Sources
  • Hardcover, 657 Pages

Teacher Edition 9780544742857

  • Focuses on planning and instructional support with a special emphasis on helping teachers balance their print and digital resources to maximize blended learning.
  • Support to plan and deliver instruction for different types of activities and for students at different ability levels.
  • Hardcover, 712 Pages

Digital Access Subscriptions (1-year) includes one of each item:
(NOTE: The digital access components are not available for individual purchase yet. You need to purchase a Homeschool Kit for each student.)

  • Online Student Resource Package
    The Online Student Edition resides on a responsive learning system, enabling it to function across operating systems and devices. Features:
    Audio—Provides support for struggling readers and auditory learners.
    Highlighting and Note-taking
    Access to Reading Study Guide, Interactives, and more.
  • Online Teacher Resource Package 9780358243373
    1. Discover—Quickly access content and search program resources.
    2. Plans—Organize resources and create plans.
    3. Assignments—Create assignments and track progress of assignments.
    4. Data & Reports—Monitor student’s daily progress.

NOTE: This is a print and digital homeschool kit.
Digital components come with a 1-year subscription.
You will receive your digital access from hmh_digital_access@hmhco.com.

Grade: High school

HMH Government 2018 Table of Contents

PART 1 Essentials of United States Government
1   Foundations of Government
2   Origins of Government
3   The Constitution
4   Federalism
5   Congress: The Legislative Branch
6   The Presidency
7   The Executive Branch at Work
8   The Federal Courts and the Judicial Branch
9   The Political Process

10 Civil Liberties
11  Civil Rights

PART 2 Interactive United States Government

12  Understanding Elections
13  Supreme Court Cases
14  Making Foreign Policy
15  Comparative Political and Economic Systems

Price $88.40

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