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HMH Social Studies Civics 2018 Package

Provide Traditional Coverage of Civics in a Complete Homeschool Kit

Written with a secular perspective, the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Civics Homeschool Package ©2018 includes the Student Text, Teacher Edition, Online Student Resource Package, and Online Teacher Resource Package. Grades 6-8

Homeschool Package

HMH Civics 2018 Homeschool Package.

HMH Social Studies Civics 2018 Homeschool Kit.
ISBN: 9780358062332
Grades 6-8th

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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2018 HMH Social Studies Civics Homeschool Package

The HMH Civics Homeschool Package ©2018, a secular-based civics curriculum, contains one of each of the following items:

Civics Student Edition Textbook 9780544917132
Offers comprehensive content coverage through an engaging narrative supported by compelling and instructive visuals and features:

  • View 2018 Civics Table of Contents.
  • Chapters—Open with an introduction, list of sections, and which National Standards for Civics and Government are covered in the chapter.
  • Reading Skills—Teach important skills for successful reading.
  • Civics Skills—Learn and apply a useful critical thinking, media literacy, or participation skill.
  • Focus On—Provides biographies about important people in the United States.
  • Section Assessments—To make sure the student understands the main ideas in each section.
  • Full-Page Art—Visual explanations of important material from the chapter.
  • Media Investigation—Help to study and understand different types of popular media.
  • Why Civics Matters—Help
  • Personal Finance Handbook—Real-world problems and solutions involving personal money management.
  • Criminal Justice System Handbook—Help 
  • Historic Documents—Such as the Magna Carta, Articles of Confederation, the Gettysburg Address, and more.
  • Political Cartoons—Help 
  • Primary Sources—Help 
  • Students Take Action—Stories of students who participated in the Center for Civic Education’s Project Citizen program.
  • Law 101—Focuses on legal issues that affect everyday life.
  • Hardcover, 766 Pages

Civics Teacher Edition 9780544917149

  • Focuses on planning and instructional support with a special emphasis on helping teachers balance their print and digital resources to maximize blended learning.
  • Support to plan and deliver instruction for different activities and for students at different ability levels.

(Hardcover, 880 Pages)

Civics Digital Access Subscriptions (1-year) includes one of each item:
(NOTE: The digital access components are not available for individual purchase yet. You need to purchase a Homeschool Kit for each student.)

  • Online Student Resource Package 9780358242925
    The Online Student Edition resides on a responsive learning system, enabling it to function across operating systems and devices.
    Features: Audio Highlighting and Note-taking, Access to Reading Study Guide, Interactives, and more.
  • Online Teacher Resource Package 9780358242932
    1. Discover—Quickly access content and search program resources.
    2. Plans—Organize resources and create plans.
    3. Assignments—Create assignments and track the progress.
    4. Data & Reports—Monitor the student’s daily progress.

NOTE: This is a print and digital homeschool kit.
Digital components come with a 1-year subscription.
You will receive your digital access from [email protected]

Price $93.60

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HMH Civics 2018 Table of Contents

UNIT 1 A Tradition of Democracy
1    We the People
2    Foundation of Government
3    The United States Constitution
4    Rights and Responsibilities

UNIT 2 The Federal Government
5    The Legislative Branch
6    The Executive Branch
7    The Judicial Branch

UNIT 3 State and Local Government
8    State Government
9    Local Government

UNIT 4 The Citizen in Government
10  Electing Leaders
11  The Political System
12  Paying for Government

UNIT 5 The Citizen in Society
13  Citizenship and the Family
14  Citizenship in School
15  Citizenship in the Community
16  Citizenship and the Law
Criminal Justice System Handbook

Unit 6 The American Economy
17  The Economic System
18  Goods and Services
19  Personal Finances
20  Economic Challenges
21  The U.S. Economy and the World
22  Career Choices
Personal Finance Handbook

Unit 7 The United States and the World
23  Foreign Policy
24  Charting a Course

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