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AOP Government Courses~LIFEPAC KITS

We offer two choices for Alpha Omega Government or Civics

Onr of the courses also include Economics.

LIFEPAC Complete Civics Boxed Set.
Lifepac Civics
One Semester
Grades 7-12
LIFEPAC History: Government and Economics 12 Set 9781580956727.
Lifepac Government & Economics
One Year Course
Grade 12

LIFEPAC Elective Civics

LIFEPAC Complete Civics Boxed Set 9780740312403.
LIFEPAC Elective Civics
Complete Set

Price $88.25

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LIFEPAC Elective Civics Complete Set

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

ISBN-13: 9780740312403
Item #ES8815

LIFEPAC Civics is an excellent course to learn the basics of American government. It is a five-unit course elective for high school students. Students learn about the relationship between the individual and various forms of government, the foundations and structure of American government, the roles and responsibilities of individual citizens, and America’s role abroad.

The major areas covered in LIFEPAC Civics are:

  • Unit 1: A New Nation
  • Unit 2: The Constitution
  • Unit 3: Branches of Government
  • Unit 4: Government by the People
  • Unit 5: Relationship to the World

The LIFEPAC Civics Complete includes one of each of the following: Five units (Lessons, Projects, Quizzes, Tests); Teacher Handbook (Teacher Notes, Alternate Tests, Answer Keys); and a Resource Guide (The US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Amendments, Federalists papers, etc.).

One Semester for advanced Junior High and High School

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Lifepac Government & Economics Set

LIFEPAC History: Government and Economics 12 Set 9781580956727.
LIFEPAC History 12 Set

Price $108.00

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LIFEPAC History 12: Government and Economics Set

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

ISBN-13: 9781580956727

Item #HIS1215

Government and economics topics in LIFEPAC History 12 include:

  • Introduction to Government
  • United States Government
  • American Party System
  • History of Governments
  • The Christian and His Government
  • Free Enterprise
  • Business and You
  • The Stock Market
  • Budget and Finance
  • Geography and Review.

In the LIFEPAC History & Geography 12 Set, there are 10 LIFEPAC Student Worktexts and 1 Teacher’s Guides.

Grade 12

Price $108.00

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Government and Civics Courses at Lamp Post Homeschool

Notgrass Uncle Sam and You Civics Kit.
Uncle Sam & You Kit
Notgrass Company
Grades 4-8
Exploring Government Kit with Student Review Pack.
Exploring Government Kit
Notgrass Company
High School

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