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BJU Press Biology Homeschool Kit~CLEARANCE

Traditional Christian-based Biology Curriculum (5th Edition)

Use for homeschooling, co-ops, and Christian school—It’s an academic biology course for college-bound students that features:

  • Adapt it to the homeschool setting with helpful information.
  • Use for homeschooling, co-ops, and Christian school—It’s an academic biology course for college-bound students.
  • This is a traditional Christian-based biology course.

Biology 10 Kit

BJU Press Biology Homeschool Kit.
Biology Home School Kit
5th Edition

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BJU Press Biology Homeschool Kit 5th Edition

Publisher: BJU Press (Bob Jones University Press)

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The BJU Press Biology Homeschool Kit (5th Edition), a Christian-based traditional textbook biology curriculum, teaches critical thinking, applies a Christian worldview in the field of biology, provides an academic teaching of evolution that also analyzes and evaluates it from a biblical worldview, and covers from the microscopic world of the cells to the macroscopic world of plants, animals, and the human body.

The Bob Jones Biology Homeschool Kit includes one of each of the following items.

  • Biology Teacher’s Edition with CD (#502112, ISBN-13: 9781628560251) has:
    • Reduced student pages
    • Teaching Notes in the side and bottom margins.
    • Detailed teaching schedule
    • Suggestions and tips for teaching
    • Answers to review questions
    • The Teacher’s Toolkit CD has all the supplements needed for teaching Biology including suggested field trips list, digital image gallery, editable lab manual materials list, full year lesson plan overview, and other supplemental information.
  • Biology Student Text (#515999, ISBN-13: 9781606829363) features:
    • Clear scientific images
    • Case studies
    • Webquests
    • Lab Activities
    • Questions to help students think like scientists
  • Teacher’s Edition Lab Manual for Biology(#502088, ISBN-13: 9781628560251) has overprinted answers and helps students learn about life through dissections, observing, recording, and analyzing samples and data from the living world, and making models, predictions, and graphs.
  • Student Lab Manual for Biology (#502070, ISBN-13: 9781628560237) Explore God’s world in the lab and in the field with BJU Press Biology Lab Manual (5th Edition). Learn about life through dissection, observing, recording, analyzing and making models, predictions, and graphs.
  • Tests for Biology (#502120, ISBN-13: 9781628560268) have a variety of formats including:
    • Multiple-choice
    • True/false
    • Matching
    • Essay
    • Labeling diagrams
    • Reading graphs
  • Biology Tests Answer Key (#502138, ISBN-13: 9781628560275) has overprinted answers for each chapter test.

Grade 10

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