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BJU Press Reading 5 Homeschool Kit Grade 5

A Complete Traditional Christian-Based Reading Program 5th Grade

Learn to read with Christian phonics-based reading kits for fifth grade by Bob Jones University Press.

Features of BJU Press Reading 5 Kits

  • Learn to read with a phonics-based traditional textbook kit—That includes a Teacher’s Edition, Student Worktext, and Readers.
  • Emphasize reading comprehension, critical thinking skills, and vocabulary development, study skills, and literary skills with BJU Press Reading 5.
  • Read character-building stories and classical literature selections from a variety of genres and cultures.
  • Study phonics with a Christian-based reading program.
  • We are pleased to offer the BJU Press Reading 5 Kits at Lamp Post Homeschool for your convenience in one-stop shopping for your homeschool curriculum needs.

Reading 5 Kit

BJU Press Reading 5 Kit.
Bob Jones Reading 5 Kit

Bob Jones BJU Press Reading 5 Kit

Publisher: BJU Press (Bob Jones University Press)

Item #bju236612

The BJU Press  Reading 5 Kit for fifth grade:

  • Emphasizes reading comprehension.
  • Reviews remedial phonics for struggling reader.
  • Tailors lessons for your child with a flexible teaching format.
  • Reinforces Biblical truth with character-building stories from different genres of literature.
  • Strengthens specific reading skills and encourage critical thinking with activities in the workbooks.

The Bob Jones University Reading 5 Kit for fifth grade includes:

  • Teacher’s Edition for Reading 5 (includes Message from Print DVD) (#514851)
    • Includes full-color student pages with discussion questions teaching strategies in the side and bottom margins.
  • Student Text for Reading 5: Pages in My Head (#268763 ISBN: 9781606820025)
    Literature selections in the BJU Press Reading 5 Text )Pages in My Head) help students build reading comprehension and learn to appreciate literature.
  • Student Worktext for Reading 5 (#125633 ISBN: 9781579244439) A consumable workbook for Reading 5 that:
    • Provides a variety of activities to enrich understanding of the readings and to demonstrate reading comprehension.
    • Practice and review with additional phonics activity pages in the back of the worktext.
  • Worktext Teacher’s Edition for Reading 5 (#125641 ISBN: 9781579244446)
    For easy grading, it has the overprinted answers to the activities in the Student Worktext 5.
  • Teaching Visuals Flip Chart for Reading 5 (#129296 ISBN: 9781579245368)
    Practice structural analysis, literary skills, and study skills with this full-color teaching aid.

Grade 5

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